A great number of models and objects were designed in Blender 3D design software which are printable with desktop 3D printers. Here you may find blogs, guides, and reviews about or involving this particular software. Please feel free to Contact Us if you would like to leave your own blog/review about Blender.

3D Scanned Tree Texture - Oak, Birch, and Pine Plant Coasters

Highly customizable and functional 3D printed coasters can serve for a long time and be an inspirational object on any table. They are easily printable on a desktop 3D printer at home and can be made in different materials. Let’s take a deeper look into this subject using a Tree […]

3D Printed Coasters – Tree Stump & Bark Textures

Lip Sync - Intimidating Animation Tab ScreenShot - Blender 2.8

It is possible to set up an automated lip sync animation in Blender 2.8 for any character or a random object you find on a file repository website. Want to see a talking pipe? Yes, there is an automatically lip synced talking pipe animation on YouTube. Nearly every file on […]

Automated Lip Sync Animation for Any 3D Model – Blender ...

Animated Turkey Bird 3D Model - 3D Printed Coaster Planter Holder

There is quite the backstory behind our animated turkey 3D model. This little gobbler escaped Thanksgiving, and then no one took it home for Christmas. Since then, it has been traveling around the world, searching for its Valentine. When 3D printed, it can be used as a themed coaster for […]

Animated Turkey Bird 3D Model – 3D Printed Coaster Planter ...

Blender Tutorial – Design for 3D Printing 4 comments

It’s time to learn an advanced 3D design software for 3D printing; let’s try a 4-week Blender course. Why Blender? Because it’s powerful, free, and one of the most popular 3D design tools out there. Blender has been around since the early 90’s. This software may appear hard to handle, […]

Blender 2.9 for 3D Printing Training – 3D Design Course ...