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It is frustrating to see that quality 3D printing reviews or brilliant 3D design projects are limited to a particular social media group only. At the same time, it is not the easiest task to start a website for a broader online audience, and in fact, it is time and resource consuming. 3DWithUs offers an opportunity to publish 3D design and 3D printing-related content, which will benefit authors by giving them extra publicity and other bonuses.

Note to Content Writers: We are eager to publish content from niche experts and influencers. However, many content writers do not meet our requirements. It’s essential that images are original, either taken by the author or sourced directly from the original source. Additionally, the author should maintain an active social media profile relevant to their niche.

– Claim a niche in 3D designing, 3D printing, 3D scanning, CNC, etc.
– Promote your Patreon page or a Kickstarter project
– Increase your social media following base
– Get the vendors’ attention
– Kickstart your own blog
– Promote your courses and tutorials
– Promote your brand

Requirements for a Post:

We are very adamant to keep the high standards of the blogs and therefore may refuse to publish if certain criteria weren’t met. Before applying, please make sure that you can provide the work with all boxes ticked.


– High quality
– Grammatically correct
– SEO friendly
– 1000 words approx
– 3D design or 3D printing-related (an educational or promotional content, reviews, tutorials, etc.)
– Original content only (That never been published anywhere else and will not be published in the current form (copy-pasted). It is OK to use a part of the content for Facebook or Twitter posts).


– High quality
– Quantity 3-4
– Aspect ratio 16:9, 4:3, etc. (We can help with image cropping and file size reduction)
– You must be an author/owner of the images as we are leaving the “source” name under each image.


– Biography (Can be the same as on social media, 1-3 sentences long)
– At least one link to your social media account.
– Avatar (Can be the same as on social media)

NB! Please note that your post/article may be subject to editing at a later date in order to rank higher in search engines.

Requirements for a Book Review:

Have you read a 3D design or 3D printing-related book? Do you fancy leaving a review on our website? Here are a few basic requirements:

– High quality
– Grammatically correct
– 500 words approx.
– Book cover image
– Your bio & profile Image

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