Crowdfunding Campaigns in 3D Printing

Crowdfunding Campaigns in 3D Printing

There have been a lot of successful 3D design and 3D printer crowdfunding campaigns in recent years. Backers are keen to support projects that are add-ons to their beloved newly found hobby. These fundraising campaigns offer an opportunity to take part in the birth of new concepts for 3D printing machines, software, materials, and even accessories. In the table, you can find cherry-picked mostly Kickstarter 3D printer and 3D printing related startups that caught our eye. Also, we will pay attention to 3D design projects. Read more below the table…

Disclaimer: Crowdfunding campaigns - before taking part in any campaign as a backer, please read T&Cs. Rewards aren’t guaranteed.

Photon Ultra
Extreme Precision & Details. Groundbreaking Projector Tech by TI. Low maintenance. Whisper quiet. Affordable.
Creator: Anycubic
DLP 3D Printer2021.10.11
ELEGOO Jupiter
The ELEGOO Jupiter lets printing large scale, high accuracy, and intricate parts really simple.
Creator: ELEGOO
12.8" 6K Mono MSLA 3D Printer2021.10.11
Weistek L6
60mm/h printing speed, 1.25μm Z-axis, and eco-friendly Resin. A fast, simple, affordable, and clean 3D printing experience for everyone.
Creator: Weistek
2K LCD 3D Printer2021.10.14
Dice Towers
THE GAME OF DESTINY. Dice towers to print and use across your RPGs, tabletop games, or wargames. Also valid as terrain.
Creator: Txarli Factory
Dice Towers, STL2021.10.22
8 Color 3D printing Module for FDM 3D printer
Creator: Stellamove, Inc.
DiamondBack Nozzles
Worry-Free 3D Printing - Never Change Out Another Nozzle
Creator: DiamondBack Nozzles
Animals miniatures for role playing games, tabletop, wargames, and other RPG needs.
Creator: 3D IPStudios
Magician X FDM
Innovator of Auto-Leveling
Creator: Mingda
Intelligent Auto-leveling2021.09.09
The Age of Napoleon
Buildings: The Age of Napoleon
Creator: 3D FORTRESS
Anti-vibration noise reduction feet pads
Creator: Steelmans
3D Printer Feet Pads2021.09.02
3D Printable Stl files for tabletop wargaming based on the Chernobyl disaster, including buildings and vehicles terrain/scenery.
Creator: WOW Buildings
World's first lamp from orange peels.
Creator: Krill Design
Scented Filament
Flower and Fruit Scented Filament for Everyone
Creator: Eryone
Scented Filament2021.08.01
Glasses / Goggles
Creator: Wan Chai
3D-IMAX Glass2021.07.31
3D Models for Everyone!
Large Collection of Models.
Creator: Donald Lane
Vacuum Filament Dryer
Smart Vacuum Filament Container
Creator: PrintDry
Filament Dryer2021.07.27
3D-Printed Sneakers Inspired By Aerospace Technology
Creator: Me Next
The only 3D-printed electric cello in the world
Creator: MyCello
Satori VL2800
Big Industrial Grade 3D Printer for Creatives
Creator: Satori
MSLA 3D Printer2021.07.02
The High Performance, Open-Source, Desktop 3D Printer with Dual Switching Hotend v2.
Creator: Makertech 3D
3D Printer2021.06.18
The most adaptive robot for developing STEM skills
Creator: GinoBot
Robot Kit2021.06.12
Jadelabo J1
Double the performance, productivity, and possibility with Independent Dual Extruders.
Creator: Jadelabo
IDEX 3D Printer2021.06.02
Robotic arm with hydraulic drive - DIY kit made by 3D printing.
Creator: Roza
Robotic Arm2021.05.19
Cerambot Eazao
Build Digital Ceramic And Use Your Home Microwave As A Kiln!
Creator: Cerambot
3D Printer2021.05.06
Deep Earth
Vertical Tabletop RPG 3D Print Terrain
Creator: Real Game FX
STL Files2021.05.03
Marvelous Mechanisms
Artfully Designed Mechanisms for 3D Printing Using a Unique Modular Building System
Creator: JBV Creative
STL Files2021.04.29
Affordable Smart 3D Scanning System
Creator: Panoscan
3D Scanner2021.04.27
The Most Advanced Modern Desktop Vacuum Former
Creator: FORMART
Vacuum Former2021.04.27
Customized Optical Illusion
Creator: Troels Fonsboel
3D Wall Art2021.04.15
The First Desktop 3D Hologram Printer
Creator: LitiHolo
Hologram Printer2021.04.02
Basic Monsters
3D Printable Miniatures for Role Playing Games
Creator: Lau3DeLucas
Leveling-free 3D Printer
Creator: Think3Dim
1+4 Sensor
3D printing, two-color 3D printing, laser engraving, CNC carving
Creator: EcubMaker
Wargaming Scatter Terrain
3D Scanned scatter terrain, with plenty of colored texture references.
Creator: Yan Law
The Evolving CNC Milling Machine
Creator: Mekanika
CNC Mill2021.03.04
When viewed through a phone, miniature worlds with animated 3D characters appear!
Creator: Tahnee Gehm
A Better Way to 3D Scan with Your iPhone/iPad Pro
Creator: Scanmira
3D Prints2021.03.01
Atomstack Cambrian3D Printer For The Most Elastic Rubber
Creator: Atomstack Technology
3D Printer2021.02.19
Galaxy Marble Machines
Automatic Outer-Space Themed Marble Machines That You Can 3D Print Yourself
Creator: 3D Printer Academy
3D Prints2021.02.11
3D Cities On Your Wall.
Creator: Emirhan Genc
3D Prints2021.02.11
Revopoint POPPrecise 3D Scanner for 3D Printing
Creator: Revopoint 3D
3D Scanner2021.02.04
XChange V1.0The Quick-Change Tool Head for Any 3D Printer
Creator: PrinterMods
Tool Head2021.01.22
ZODIAC Nozzles
by Emir Hamzic
High-performance nozzles with military grade coatingsNozzles2021.01.14
Little Big Sumo
by Fish Creek 3D
Printable Sumo-Themed 3D MiniaturesSTL2021.01.07
A.I.M.SA.I.M.S | Easily stop any print failure with A.I
Detect and Prevent Print Failures Using a Neural Network
Installs With Only One Wire.
MICROMOLDERAn affordable automatic desktop injection molding machine for professional creators.Injection Molding Machine2020.12.27
Wet Palette3D Printed Wet Palette & Incorporated Paint Station3D Printed & STL2020.12.30
Spool HolderAdvanced filament spool holders for smoother 3D printing.Spool Holder2020.12.23
Happy 3D Xmas TreeYour unique Christmas tree, in 3D! Ready to land directly at your home.Decoration2020.12.19
3DPrintMillAn Infinite-Z volume 3D printer created by Naomi Wu, building on the work of Karl Brown and Bill Steele.Belt 3D Printer2020.12.18
Christmas HorrorsChristmas STL files for miniatures 3d print tabletop gamesSTL2020.12.16
iFactory4-in-1 Conveyor Belt Printer
Belt 3D Printer Kickstarter campaign.
Belt 3D Printer2020.12.13
Steel RollerTurn your 3D printer into a professional continuous production machineUpgrade Kit2020.12.09
Star AStar A: The Most Cost-Effective Multifunctional 3D Printer
3D printer Kickstarter campaign.
3D Printer
WEEDOWEEDO X40 Independent Dual Extruder 3D Printer
High quality dual extrusion printer for a fraction of the price!
Dual Extrusion
3D Printer
3D design project Kickstarter campaign.
ScanX 3D ScannerI started this project because of my need for an affordable 3d scanner for my 3d printing and prototyping business.
3D scanner Kickstarter campaign.
3D Scanner
Kywoo TycoonKywoo Tycoon: "DIY Pro" 3D Printer with Linear Rail X-Axis
3D printer Kickstarter campaign.
DIY Pro 3D Printer2020.11.21
RubanmasterRubanmaster is a 3-in-1 SLA 3D printer, laser engraver and cutter to make creation come to life.
SLA 3D Printer,
Foldable S2The 3D printer that you can fold, unfold and install in only one step
Foldable 3D Printer2020.11.19
Robot Hand KitsPrint-at-home robot hand kits inspired by animatronic creature effects and puppetry.STL2020.11.15
Fire & SailsUpgrade your fleet with these legendary ships. Download, print and play. 3D printable boardgame.STL2020.10.29
BIQU BXWorld's Lightest Direct Extruder FDM 3D Printer
3D printer Kickstarter campaign.
3D Printer2020.10.29
3D Design CoursesLearn 3D & Graphic Designs from Beginning to Advanced Levels. Zbrush, Maya 3d, 3d max, Cinema 4d, V-Ray Render, After effects, and Photoshop.200 Hours
7 Programs
CYCLOPESFast and effective filament dryer. Accelerating the evaporation of water molecules in filaments to provide an excellent 3D printing experience.
Filament Dryer2020.10.24
JGMakerJGMaker Artist-D Dual Extruder Independent 3D Printer.
Dual extruder Independent direct drive 3D printing featuring great performance and robust construction.
Dual Extruder2020.10.17
Animal Skull ReplicasMiniature animal skull replicas, reproduced in high detail using 3D scanning, 3D printing, and traditional lost wax casting.Jewelry2020.10.15
3D Dungeon RoomsCreate your own versatile dungeon/cave/mine for 28/32 mm. The dungeon system for RPG games.STL2020.10.13
ZoomMakerAffordable FHD SLA 3D High-Performing Printer.
3D printer Kickstarter campaign.
$99 3D Printer2020.10.06
Isolation Protocol3D printable wargaming terrain that doesn’t require extra clips. 3D Print at home digital STL files.STL2020.10.01
Pocket-TacticsA modular miniature tactics board game with traditional print-and-play and 3d-printing options.STL2020.09.19
Space FlagshipsSpace flagships of various races for the tabletop gaming for 3D printing.STL2020.09.14
Zombie Apocalypse3D Printable Miniatures and Terrain for Role Playing Games, Tabletop, Wargames, other RPG needs.STL2020.09.09
Crazy Mushrooms3D Print MiniaturesSTL2020.09.16
MakeTileEasily create custom 3D printed tiles in Blender.Plugin for Blender3D2020.09.03
Stacker F1The Essential Office Machine - 3D PrinterF-BOX, F-PAC, F-FLEX2020.08.27
Stacker F1The Essential Office Machine - 3D PrinterF-BOX, F-PAC, F-FLEX2020.08.27
TungzzleThe most affordable wear and high temperature resistant 3D-Printing nozzle.Tungsten Nozzle2020.08.31
PrintHeroIndustrial Level 4K SLA 3D Printer.
More details:
40cm Z-axis,
4K 13.3”
Battles of ValernaSTL files for 3D printing, RPG, wargaming, collectibles.
More details:
FilaDryerThe Most Cost-effective 3D Filament Dryer Box.
More details:
Dryer Box2020.08.17
Faster than fast, save up to 30% standard print time. Multifunctional 3D printer with affordability.Multifunctional
3D Printer
Kakkoo MiceA travel mouse w/ 3D navigation and data storage.XYZ-axis
March to HellWW2 Armies in 28mm and 15mm scales for 3D printing.
More details:
FangsSTL files for 3D Modular Scenarios by EdiTable Games.
More details:
Maya BuildingsTraditional architecture of the great civilization of the past.
More details:
ArmpalWorld's First 3D Wooden Assembly Tabletop GameBuilding Toy
Fantastic Plants & RocksSmall STL scatter terrain packs for 3D printing.
More details:
Viking BuildingsThe gorgeous traditional architecture of the Viking.
More details:
Home InteriorCozy interior for your home. Models for 3D printing
More details:
Wild West BuildingsThe true brutal architecture of the Wild West.
More details:
Slavic BuildingsTraditional Slavic Architecture.
More details:
Beast of Burden3D Printable Prehistoric Dinosaurs.
More details:
Learning 3D PrintingA complete course on getting started with 3D printing.
More details:
Amazon Warriors3D Printable Miniatures and Terrain for Role Playing Games.
More details:
BloodfieldsSkirmish on your tabletop. Interactive Scenarios & Mobile App! Conquer the Bloodfields!
More details:
STL, App,
Scenery and TerrainTitan Wall, Outpost, Modular Buildings & Accessories.
More details:
Underwater Drone100% 3D printed and equipped with Arduino technology.
More details:
3D Printable2020.06.14
Creality CR-6 SECR-6 SE, a workhorse designed for who defines creativity, makes 3D printing ever easier before.
More details:
3D Printing for EntrepreneursLearn how to design for 3D printing.Application2020.06.01
Arkenia's Heroes3D printable Arkenia's Heroes and creatures for gamers.
More details:
Orion3D Printer. Working straight out of the box and easy to use. Build volume: 220×220×2500mm.
More details:
Compact and powerful desktop 3D Printer2020.05.27
Smoothing MachineOpen Source Smoothing machine for 3D prints
More details:
The Witch's Hovel3D Print your own Witch's Hovel.
More details:
Chinese BuildingsTraditional Chinese architecture models for 3D printing.
More details:
Hexton HillsA collection of interlocking hexes for tabletop gaming.
More details:
Desk CastlesPrint and build your own custom castles.
More details:
Dice TowersDice Towers! Fourteen 3D printable, high-res, STL files, support-free for easy printing!
More details:
Totem AnimalsLowPoly stackable totem animals. Files for 3D printing
More details:
Hill GiantsThree Hill Giant sculpts for 3d printing.
More details:
3DFORTSmall, affordable 3D printer. The printer size: 210×210×230mm. Build volume: 90×90×90mm.
More details:
XenoFiberA 3D printing filament, powered by the low cost of recycled plastics.
More details:
Recycled 3D Printing Filament2020.04.20
3D-printable Animal ModelsHighly realistic 3D animal models to be printed and painted by you!
More details:
Air Powered EnginesAir-powered engines for fun and exploration. We offer several working engines with a complete set of 3D files.
More details:
STL & Printed Models2020.04.11
PixelloA body scanning machine that swiftly turns you into a full-color 3D model for 3D printing or avatar.
More details:
FBX, OBJ2020.04.04
Lower Cost PEEK 3D Printing Filament
More details:
District 0012Sci-fi 3D Printable Models for Tabletop.
More details:
Creatures of CromsfallA range of 3D Printable miniatures and bigatures inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.
More details:
Skies of SordaneHigh-Quality 3D printable airships and miniatures for high fantasy tabletop RPG.
More details:
Modular Build3D Printable Church and Medieval build miniatures for tabletop games.
More details:
Mech themed modular toy sets for your 3D printer.
More details:
Fantasy Miniatures Vol1High-Quality Miniatures for 3d printing.
More details:
Full-Color Custom MiniaturesCreate Unique Tabletop Miniatures in Vivid Color with New Design Tools and Cutting-Edge 3D-Printing Technology.
More details:
Full-Color Tabletop Miniatures2020.02.14
PLA-RecyclerFilament extruder that will cost only 200-250$ . We will also make a shredder. And it's all Open source.
More details:
Affordable PLA
Extruder & Shredder
Ananas Stepper 3.0An advanced motion control system to make machine tasks powerful and precise. Wide applications: 3D printers, 6+ axis robotic arm, etc.
More details:
Servo Stepper for
Multi-Axis Control
1775 Join or DieSkirmish miniature game set featuring American Revolutionary War.
More details:
3D Miniatures
SPACE 3DThe Most Affordable 10.1" SLA 3D Printer
More details:
High Resolution
Human Anatomy ModelsPerfect for Artists, Doctors, Nurses, or Teachers. Use for drawing, education, and appreciation of the human form!
More details:
3D Printed in Full Color2019.12.21
DigitalceramCreate complex models and artwork with your desktop Ceramic 3D printer.
More details:
Fast, Accurate & Easy-to-use2019.12.03
3DsimoThe most versatile mobile workshop in the world.
More details:
3D Pen Tool
Starship IV ChimeraComplete 28mm scale 3D printable spaceship for tabletop play or display, , including full OpenLOCK-compatible modular interiors.
More details:
Modular 3D Printable Spaceship2019.11.22
Rose GoAesthetic design and engineering performance along with user-friendly features.
More details:
3D Printer
AXIS 3DThe AXIS 3D Printer is one of the most affordable 3D Printers ever made.
More details:
Affordable, lightweight 3D Printer.2019.10.15
iBridgerIndustrial FDM 3D Printer for Large-Scale Prints
More details:
Large-Scale Prints2019.10.15
Project PLAEasy, simple, and cheap recycling service for 3D Printing waste.
More details:
Recycling service for 3D Printing waste.2019.09.27
Solidmaker3 µm XY accuracy, 4.7x4.7x6″ printing area, SolidMaker is a SLA 3D printer has better printing results.
More details:
Affordable Laser SLA 3D Printer2019.08.27
LongerReliable LCD SLA 3D Printer with 2K LCD Screen to Help Your Design to Print into Reality
More details:
LCD SLA 3D Printer2019.06.29
The PrismA feature-packed and easy to use UV Resin 3D Printer for less than $300.
More details:
UV Resin 3D Printer2019.06.21
mEnderA tiny metal frame 3D printer.
More details:
Tiny 3D Printer2019.06.12
Apocaliptic theme terrainSTL files for 3d printing and tabletop games
More details:
STL files for 3d printing and tabletop games
apocaliptic theme
3D Printer
High-resolution, auto-leveling, auto resin pump, and intuitive control.
More details:
Low Price
Snapmaker 2Snapmaker 2.0 is smarter, faster, larger, and more powerful than ever before. It is a new generation of 3-in-1 3D printers that comes with everything you need!
More details:
3D Printer, Laser, CNC.
A1A1 is the next generation fused filament fabrication 3D printer. Designed to blend in at your home or work place and to meet the need of a fast, accurate and quiet 3D printer.
More details:
Ultimate Bed Glue!The World's Best 3D Printer bed adhesive. Now you can print exotic filaments on any bed. Get away from PLA!
More details:
Ultimate Bed Adhesive2019.05.24
IVI 3D PrinterEasily achieve high-res 3D printing, laser engraving, CNC carving with IVI, the 10 microns' repeatability, closed-loop 3d printer.
More details:
Closed-loop 3d printer
GloopedA paint that chemically bonds to most materials, smooths 3D prints, and It's even oven curable!
More details:
Spray Paint2019.04.26
NEFILATEKA 100 % recycled 3D printing filament.
More details:
100 % recycled filament2019.04.22
MOREbotA 3D-printed robot ecosystem that grows with you.
More details:
Robotic ArmThe modular All-In-1 desktop robotic arm. 0.05mm high precision. Turn your desktop into a workshop. Easily do laser engraving, 3D printing.
More details:
CERAMBOTThe Most Affordable Ceramic 3D Printer!
More details:
Fast, accurate and easy to use,2019.01.19
The Lost DragonsCreating a set of unique, highly-detailed 3D models of fantasy dragons for home 3D printing. Tabletop Gaming.
More details:
Highly-detailed 3D models for home 3D printing.
da Vinci Color miniCompact and intuitive, turn your everyday ideas into full-color reality.
More details:
Full Color 3D Printer2018.10.15
Low Poly
Dinosaur Models
Designed to print without supports and print with low or no infill.
More details:
Low Poly
3D GloopThe Best 3D Printing Adhesive.
More details:
MoozIndustrial Grade Transformable Metallic 3D Printer.
More details:
CNC, Laser, 3D Printing2017.11.15
SnapmakerTurn your desktop into a workshop. You can easily do 3D printing, laser engraving and CNC carving.
More details:
Dobot M1Pro Robotic Arm for Makers and Businesses.
More details:
Professional SCARA based robotic arm2017.01.12
ONO aka OLOThe $99 Smartphone 3D Printer.
More details:
Smartphone 3D Printer2016.04.20
TikoThe Unibody 3D Printer. Delta.
More details:
The Unibody 3D Printer2015.04.30
Form 1An affordable, high-resolution SLA 3D printer for professional creators.
More details:

Please post your comment below or contact us if we’ve missed any 3D printing-related crowdfunding campaign. We will update our table accordingly.

Kickstarter 3D Printer and 3D Printing Related Crowdfunding Campaigns
Kickstarter 3D Printer and 3D Printing Related Crowdfunding Campaigns
(Image: 3DWithUs)

Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns for 3D Design Projects

We are pleased to witness the success stories of 3D design projects on fundraising platforms. It shouldn’t be surprising as Kickstarter and Indiegogo’s original purpose was to accommodate all sorts of creators. Recent hefty collections ($ millions) by 3D printer manufacturers dwarfed 3D design projects, and we are now happy to see such projects like Starship IV Chimera by 2nd Dynasty and The Lost Dragons by Danny Herrero getting well funded. Moreover, other platforms like MyMiniFactory keep endorsing them. As 3D design for 3D printing campaigns is a bit harder to find we remind you to contact us if you have such project going, so we could add it to our table for extra publicity.

3D Design Fundrising Compaign for 3D Printing - Chimera by 2nd Dynasty on Kickstarter
3D Design Fundrising Compaign for 3D Printing – Chimera by 2nd Dynasty
(Image: Kickstarter)

Crowdfunding Campaigns in 3D Printing

There are a few platforms that help crowdfunding to run smoothly. Casual internet surfers may have already heard about Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Those are well promoted and popular websites where most of the campaigns are hosted. These particular platforms helped to start many 3D printing related projects in the past: from a bed adhesive glue to an all-in-one robotic arm.

Kickstarter 3D Printer and 3D Printing Related Crowdfunding Campaigns

You may have heard about such brands like Form 1, Tiko, Snapmaker, ONO – not all ended up well, but their campaigns were backed with the record amounts of cash. As the time between being funded and mass production may be long, we are still waiting to see some of them reaching their backers.

Tips & Tricks

– Campaigners sometimes use several fundraising platforms to accumulate money for their projects. It may be successful on one and not on the other.
– Before taking part in any campaign as a backer, make sure to read Ts&Cs as not always the “all-or-nothing” rule works if the campaign fails to achieve the goal. “All-or-nothing” is a Kickstarter’s rule when no backer gets charged unless funds reach the goal.
– Backers receive a unique experience as being the first to witness creative work or a new product in development from the very beginning. There are also some extra bonuses and rewards for early birds.

There are two other fundraising platforms that are similar to the mentioned above but that are not quite the same – GoFundMe and Patreon. Both of these platforms are for personal use. There, backers support individuals, and not projects or products.

Read more: Patreon Role in 3D Printing

Patreon Role in 3D Printing Community - Patreon Trend
Patreon Role in 3D Printing
(Image: 3DWithUs)

The following article is aimed at being a tool and guidance for everyone who is involved in 3D printing. For businesses and supporters, we offer a list of Patreon members. For designers, makers or any other 3D printing content creators, we provide information about Patreon.

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