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3D Printing Competitions – List of Contests

The ultimate goal of every designer is to have their unique work recognized. 3D printing competitions offer a great chance not only to showcase your design but also to improve skills. Winners get various awards including 3D Printers. In addition to prizes, the selected design is labeled as a winner on STL sharing websites. For the designer, this means special recognition in 3D printing society.
3D printing competitions are mostly sponsored by manufacturers who want to promote their products. While file sharing communities are brilliant platforms for that. As result we see them cooperate well with each other. Please see “Basic tips for best results in 3D printing competitions” below the table.

3D Printing Competitions

Color codes: Open, Closed.
Design Functional Garden Tools
Organized by: PDO, Thangs
$500 in Prizes2021.07.02
Move It
Share Your Movable Work
Organized by: Snapmaker, ELEGOO
$5000 in Prizes2021.07.19
Soda Pop Bottle
NA Only. Packaging.
Organized by: Stratasys, KeyShot
$6000 in SDM vouchers, more2021.07.19
Purmundus Challenge
Annual international design competition.
Organized by: Purmundus
30,000 EUR in Prizes2021.09.22
Death Plague
Print & Paint
Organized by: MyMiniFactory, RPG
Brushes, Resin2021.08.11
Design and 3D print.
Organized by: Cults3D, Anycubic
3D Printers, filament2021.08.05
Fantasy Tavern
Use any 3D tools to create a 3D render.
Organized by: CGBoost
Subscriptions and Credits2021.06.23
3D Scanning - Nature
Organized by: Sketchfab, Metashape
Software subscription, $50, more2021.06.28
Tinkercad Special
Organized by: Instructables
20 Prizes2021.06.21
Print & Paint
Organized by: MyMiniFactory, Iain Lovecraft
Anycubic products, more2021.07.21
Dream Car
Design Your Dream Car
Organized by: Cults3D, Voxelab
3D Printers, more2021.07.31
Design anything about time.
Organized by: Prusa3D
Mini, Prusament, etc.2021.06.27
Best use of Fusion 360.
Organized by: Instructables
21 Prizes2021.06.21
Customize Crawler/Trail Truck
Organized by: MyMiniFactory, Hemistorm
Snapmaker 2.0
3D Printer Sets
3D print in Chinchilla filament
Organized by: NinjaTek
Toys and Games
Tinkercad Special
Organized by: Instructables
$500, 250, 100,
20 Prizes
Mechanical Maker
3D print and submit the image.
Organized by: MyMiniFactory
x4 3D Printers
x10 kg of PLA
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Children’s Day
Gifts For Kids
Organized by: Snapmaker
Snapmaker products2021.06.14
US and Canada. Pro Division.
Organized by: GrabCAD
Vouchers, Material, more2021.06.14
US and Canada. Students.
Organized by: GrabCAD
Vouchers, Material, more2021.06.14
Home decoration contests
Organized by: Anycubic
3D Printers, filament2021.06.15
Interdimensional Art
Design Gallery Space or Avatar
Organized by: Sketchfab, Mozzila Hubs
Mouse, $250, more2021.05.31
Robot Pet
Use any 3D tools to create a 3D render.
Organized by: CGBoost
Subscriptions and Credits2021.05.27
Mothers Day Remix
Remix the existing models.
Organized by: Thangs, 3DPN, CCT
$600 in Prizes2021.05.22
STEM Workshop
England and Wales.
Organized by: Tablet-Academy, CraftBot
3D Printer Bundle2021.05.21
Autodesk Fusion 360 Special
Organized by: Instructables
$500, 250, 100,
20 Prizes
Creality Cloud
Create 3D scan & 3D print related post.
Organized by: Creality
3D scanner, more2021.05.05
Gardening Tools
Helping Your Garden Grow
Organized by: Prusa Printers
MK3S+ Kit, Prusament2021.05.02
Create a printable 3D model that is useful in your office.
Organized by: Cults3D
€1000 in Prizes
Tinkercad Special
Organized by: Instructables
$250, 100, 50
20 Prizes
All Humanoids
Patreon Printing & Painting
Organized by: mz4250
Custom 3D Models2021.04.25
Futuristic Transport
Create a 3D render.
Organized by: CG Boost
Subscriptions and Credits2021.04.28
Loot’s Golden Brush
Print and paint.
Organized by: Loot Studios
Photon Mono, more2021.04.25
Tinkercad Special
Organized by: Instructables
$250, 100, 50
20 Prizes
Portrait from the Future
Create a portrait from the future.
Organized by: LGF, Sketchfab
Looking Glass, more2021.04.26
Design devices and systems for hydrogen applications.
Organized by: GrabCAD
$3.000 in Prizes2021.04.19

Store challenge
Organized by: Sketchfab
XP-Pen Tablet, Subscription2021.04.19
Print and Paint

Print and Paint Airship
Organized by: MyMiniFactory
7.000 in Prizes2021.04.14
Loopy Looper
Create modification of the Loopy Looper.
Organized by: Cults3D
x4 Printers2021.04.15
Print & Paint

Print STL from the campaign and paint it.
Organized by: MyMiniFactory
Phrozen, Resin, more2021.04.14
3D Printed Speakers
3D Printed Speakers
Organized by: 3DPN, Thangs
Prusa Mini, Proto-Pasta...2021.04.04
An assistive technology design challenge for students.
Organized by: PrintLab
6 for each age group2021.04.01
Shiba Inu
Use your preferred tools and workflow to texture the model.
Organized by: Sketchfab
$100, Subscription2021.03.29
Smart Home Accessory
Create an accessory for your smart home device.
Organized by: PDO, Thangs
3Dconnexion Spacemouse, $440 in Prizes2021.03.31
Daft + Punk

Model a scene reminiscent of Daft Punk’s style.
Organized by: Sketchfab
DP Album, Turntable, more2021.03.29
Simple Machines
Create a simple machine
Organized by: Instructables
$500, 250, 100,
19 Prizes
3D Pioneers Challenge 2021
International Design Competition for Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Technologies
Organized by: 3DPC
€35000, more2021.03.31
Woodland Hideaway
Create a low poly hideaway.
Organized by: Sketchfab
Framed Art,
Create a 3D render.
Organized by: CG Boost
Subscriptions and Credits2021.03.24
Innovation Award
For 3D printing applications startups.
Organized by: Forward AM
$100.000 in goods and services, more2021.03.28
Design something that makes interesting use of flexible 3D printing material.
Organized by: E3D-Online
“Flowalistik” Signature
Hemera, more
Modified 3D Printers
Show and share the creative DIY modified printers.
Organized by: Creality
$20.000 in Prizes, more2021.03.09
Painting Contest
Patreon. Print, paint, and post.
Organized by: WWTavern
Phrozen, more2021.03.10
Recycle materials or unwanted products.
Organized by: Snapmaker
Rotary module, more2021.03.07
Design something "Pet inspired" for a chance to win a Creality CR-10s & more.
Organized by: ptt.live, Thangs
3D Printer, Filament, $50, more2021.02.28
Gaming Mouse
US and Canada. Design a computer gaming mouse.
Organized by: GrabCad
$3000 Cash, more2021.03.01
Make It GlowMake something that glows.
Organized by: Instructables
$500, $250, etc.
19 Prizes
US and Canada. Create a 3D model of an innovative, futuristic robot.
Organized by: Sketchfab
Sony’s Spatial Reality Display, more2021.03.01
Share a picture or a video of your own favorite miniature
Organized by: Anycubic
Photon Mono, Resin, more2021.02.25
TownBuilderUse TownBuilder to design your 3D terrain.
Organized by: MyMiniFactory
1x Phenom
3x Mars Pros
Special prize for using Tinkercad
Organized by: Instructables
20 Prizes2021.03.01
Power of Nature
Use any 3D tools to create a 3D render.
Organized by: CGBoost
Subscriptions and Credits2021.02.24
Movie Role

Submit your entry shots..
Organized by: Elegoo
3D Printers, more2021.02.16
Painting ContestPatrons Only. Print, Paint, and Post on Instagram.
Organized by: BTB
Phrosen Mini, more2021.02.15
Alien Moon

Use Blockbench to create an alien moon landing scene.
Organized by: Sketchfab
$50 Gift Card,
Print a model from Thangs & share it on FB, Twitter, Insta
Organized by: Thangs
$5000 in 3D Printers2021.02.06
Anything GoesOpen to any project ...
Organized by: Instructables
$500, $250...
19 Prizes
Street Art
3D Scanning Challange. Use iOS LiDAR Scanning Apps.
Organized by: Sketchfab
$100 Gift Card,
Fantasy IslandCreate a low poly fantasy island.
Organized by: Sketchfab
Framed Art
$50, $25, Cards
#sculptjanuary2021Challenge yourself over 31 days with a set of 31 topics.
Organized by: CGBoost
3D Modeling

Create a posed, stylized fantasy character ...
Organized by: AnimSchool
Cash Prizes
Underground CityUse any 3D tools to create a 3D render.
Organized by: CGBoost
Subscriptions and Credits2021.01.27
Gaming GuyEditing Challange. Use data from the original model.
Organized by: Sketchfab
$100 Gift Card,
HeroesTooSchools only. Develop innovative and sustainable solutions for social distancing.
More details: https://bit.ly/3nswCBI
x3 3D Printers2021.01.15
X-mas Tree
Make a Christmas ornament, share a picture on FB.
More details: http://bit.ly/38lc9d6
Filament, Resin,
Enapter ChallengeDesign a water trap that can remove moisture ...
More details: https://bit.ly/3fAfLKz
Up to $2000 in Prizes2021.01.09
3D print and paint your baubles ...
More details: http://bit.ly/3r69Hik
Phrozen Mighty & Mini, More2021.01.01
3December 2020Create a model every day ...
More details: https://bit.ly/33EeY6w
Framed Art
$50 Gift Card
3D Printed BedroomCreate a printable 3D model that is useful in a bedroom.
More details: https://bit.ly/2Tug5jG
Adventurer 3

Due to the heavy loading pages, we had to divide a few tables. The older events have been separated out and can be accessed via Resource Library (please find in the footer).

Please post your comment below or contact us if we’ve missed any 3D printing-related contest/competition. We will update our table accordingly.

Basic Tips For Best Results in 3D Printing Competitions

– Please read competition instructions carefully before entering any contest.
– In most 3D printing competitions designers would come up with totally new designs, however, in some cases, designers will be asked to redesign existing objects.
– You don’t have to be a top designer to participate. Unique idea is paramount.
– Ability to use various design software skills will make you competitive but it will not guarantee the first place.
– Research the subject of competition and try to find topics that have not been overused.

3D Printing Competitions - List of Contests & Challenges
3D Printing Competitions – List of Contests & Challenges
(Image: 3DWithUs)

– If competition involves redesigning something you should analyze it and find weaknesses and areas of improvements.
– When posting your entry describe it clearly with a good quality picture. The way you post the entry is as important as the design itself.
– It is a good idea to share your competition entry in social media. This can win you vital likes together with possibly gaining some useful advice.
– Competitions may carry additional requirements such as for loading multiple parts or restrictions concerning age, country of origin, etc. Please pay attention to the small print at the end of announcements.

Read More: 30 Day Challenges

If you are active on social media, you may come across weekly, monthly and even yearly challenges, promoted by people you follow. Here you can find 3D Design or 3D Printing related 30 day challenges that are about to start, are ongoing, or happened in the past. We will dig into the subject and find out how 30 day challenges empower designers.

3D Printer Giveaways – Entry for Free 3D Printing Related Products

Did you know that 3D printer giveaways are an often occurrence? Manufacturers, together with community members, frequently organize such promotional events. For them, it is a great opportunity to advertise their products, promote their 3D printing-related channels, and grow the follower base. With minimal effort, participants can obtain their first or additional 3D printer, try new filaments or other 3D printing-related products.

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