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3D printing community unites makers, designers and enthusiasts of all levels and abilities. Within this community, there are some that are outstanding for their input. Here we would like you to get acquainted with those who make an impact in promoting and developing 3D printing.

Contributing Authors

Meet the 3D printing experts who share their skills and ideas, together with enthusiasts, who became experts by experimenting and sharing their case studies.

Andrew Sink

Andrew Sink has been involved in the Additive Manufacturing industry since 2012 and is an enthusiastic advocate for additive technology in all forms.
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Will Zoobkoff

Will Zoobkoff aka StudioZombie3D is a tech geek, 3D printing, videogames, custom SBC computers software developer, engineer.
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Natalie Cheesmond

Natalie Cheesmond aka 3DPrintBunny is a 3D print artist/designer and all-round 3D printing addict.
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Amber Wilkinson

Amber Wilkinson is a self-taught 3D generalist, video production magician, and author. You can find her creating content for OhHeyVoid or helping out on the backend of PTT.live.
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Sammy Ekaran

Sammy Ekaran holds a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology from Karatina University. He is a digital marker at SelfCAD Company – An all in one browser-based CAD software. He is also a technical writer with expertise in writing content on 3D printing.
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Richard Hirst

Richard Hirst 3D printing testing & reviews tech support & info. Richard’s articles

Ryan 3D Printed Aspie

Ryan aka 3D Printed Aspie is a massive geek, nerd, gamer, maker, builder, and tinkerer. Ryan has a degree in Computer Games Design but his passion was always creating Characters and Models in 3D.
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Abby Brown

Abby Brown is a high school math teacher and 3D printing hobbyist. She has been in 3D printing since 2017 and enjoys making things for her classes and her own children and her home in San Diego, California.
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Max Funkner

Max Funkner is an author and content provider for 3DWithUs. Tests software and technologies for 3D design and 3D printing-related guides and reviews.
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