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I’m Ryan the 3D Printed Aspie I am a massive Geek, Nerd, Gamer, Maker, Builder, Tinkerer and I want to share my knowledge with you all. I am formally trained and have a degree in Computer Games Design but my passion was always creating Characters and Models in 3D. Twitter: @3DPrintedAspie

Fillamentum 3D Printer Filament Review - 3D Printed Aspie

Fillamentum produces a full lineup of materials whatever your 3D printing needs may be, with offerings of PLA, ABS, ASA, Timberfill, Flexfill, Nylon, PLA Crystal Clear, PLA Extrafill, HIPS and Co-Polyester. Fillamentum is a fairly new and fast rising company from Hulin in the Czech Republic. The company is headed [...]

Fillamentum Filament Review by 3D Printed Aspie

Kodama Trinus 3D Printer Review by 3D Printed Aspie

Disclaimer: I would like to say that I have no affiliation with Kodama in any business sense and although they sent me the Kodama Trinus free of charge for the purpose of this review I will be completely honest with how I feel about this 3D printer. Michael was kind [...]

Kodama Trinus 3D Printer Review by 3D Printed Aspie