Sammy Ekaran

About Sammy Ekaran

Sammy Ekaran holds a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology from Karatina University. He is a digital marker at SelfCAD Company - An all in one browser-based CAD software. He is also a technical writer with expertise in writing content on 3D printing.

Magical World of 3D Computer Graphics - SelfCAD

Visual computing has grown rapidly to become an ubiquitous phenomenon within the modern society. We can hardly go a day without being on our computers, be it mobile phones or PCs, and much of what we do on them relies heavily on manipulating the visual information generated by these computers. […]

Discover the Magical World of 3D Computer Graphics

3D Printed Lamp - Turn Your Art Into Lithophanes

What is a lithophane? A lithophane is a special piece of art from the past. It’s usually a straight surface of thin material which contains a hidden secret. This secret will only reveal itself when light shines on the back of the material and shows its true beauty. A lithophane […]

3D Printed Lithophane – Turn Your Art and Photos Into ...