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FLSUN Officially Launches the Flagship Model FLSUN S1 3D Printer

FLSUN, a leading delta 3d printer company, announced that the new printer FLSUN S1 will be officially present on June 3rd, 2024. As a premium product, FLSUN S1 offers unparalleled blend of speed, precision, and user-friendly features, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in desktop 3D printing.

More Creativity with Large Format

FLSUN S1 boasts a build volume of 320 x 320 x 430 mm, which offers much larger print space and key advantages over their smaller desktop counterparts. The expanded build size allows for printing full-scale models without need of sparing parts from time to time. As your 3D printing needs grow, large format printers provide enough build volumes to handle these demanding scenarios.

FLSUN S1 Specifications
FLSUN S1 Features and Specifications

More Efficient and Easter Workflow

The S1 is able to print at ultra-high speed of 1200mm/s, 2-3 times faster than its competitors at the same price range, with an acceleration of 40000 mm/s² and a maximum flow rate of 110 mm³/s. Experiments show that the S1 can print a 1x benchy within 8 minutes. But how did FLSUN do it? The printer integrates an all-metal frame, a potent 40,000 rpm CPAP turbofan and a closed-loop motor, ensuring it operates at ultra-high speed.

High Precision, High Quality Prints

Faster print speeds may sacrifice precision for quicker results. But FLSUN S1 still keeps a precision of 0.1mm while working at high speed. High-resolution printing produces thin layers and ensures smooth surface, making the prints closer to your desired ones.

Great Experience with AI-powered System AI Detection

FLSUN S1 adopts AI LiDAR technology, which has real-time monitoring with AI cameras and alerts when an error occurs. The technology supports first layer detection, flow & accuracy calibration, ensuring a keen watch over spaghetti failure, foreign objects, debris, etc. to guarantee print precision and success rate.

Auto Leveling

Just by one-click operation, you can truly free your hands. With Z-Axis auto compensation, this printer also can free your worries about precision. All these combined greatly reduces your time spent on setup and extremely friendly for non-professionals.

Multi Filament Options

FLSUN S1’s hot bed temperature can reach 120°C and its a 0.4mm hardened steel nozzle can stand up to 350°C, which enables the printer compatible with multiple filaments, such as PLA, PETG, TPU, ABS, ASA, PVA, PET, PA, PC, PLA-CF, etc.

Filament Detection

The filament sensor detects the conditions of filament clogging/runout. when triggered, the printer will pause the print automatically, waiting for you to fix the filament failure and resume the print.

Intelligent Filament Drying

The S1 integrated a filament drying compartment above the build chamber, which helps to keep a constant temperature and humidity to ensure optimal material quality.
The filament drying box can accommodate 1 spool of filament with the maximum dimensions of 215 x 97mm.

Environmentally Friendly

FLSUN S1 absorbs solid particles and harmful gases to reduce the damage to the environment and people. Apart from that, the printer also supports smart zone heating for the build plate with an inner circle diameter of 220 mm, outer ring diameter of 220-320 mm, touchscreen auto sleep function as well as printer auto power-off function.

Price and Availability

On June 3rd, we will hold an exciting launch event online to introduce the S1. You can watch our livestream via our official Facebook channel..

By the time the live stream starts, FLSUN S1 will be on sale with some presale pricing, so you can get it for $1,299 (US) and €1,399 (EU) during June 3 to June 14 on the FLSUN official store, saving you $200/200€ off the normal price. After that, the printer will recover its standard retail price: $1,499 (US) and €1,599 (EU)

FLSUN S1 3D Printer Livestream Banner for Post
FLSUN S1 3D Printer Livestream Banner


FLSUN, founded in 2015, is a globally renowned manufacturer of Delta 3D printers. Known for speed, efficiency, and distinctive triangular design, FLSUN’s printers are now importing on a global scale to over 150 countries and regions. Moving forward, FLSUN will remain committed to delivering products of exceptional quality and reliability for customers.

FLSUN S1 Livestream Event

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