FLSUN S1 and T1: High-Speed Delta 3D Printers Unveiled [$]

FLSUN was one of the first 3D printer manufacturers to create speedy consumer 3D printers implementing Klipper firmware. Their V400 and Super Racer (SR) were highly praised. Recently, FLSUN launched their new S1 and T1 series machines with a lot of extra features such as higher speeds and flow rates, and enclosed chambers. The S1 also has an AI Lidar sensor, smart zone heating, and a built-in filament dryer. Let’s have a quick look at the new machines.

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During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale events this year, FLSUN launched the preorder of the S1 and T1, and the global presale total amount exceeded $2,100,000 with 2,000 machines sold in just a week.

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About FLSUN and 3D Printers

The Chinese 3D printing company behind the FLSUN brand was established in 2015. They specialize in research and development (R&D), production, and sales of 3D printers and 3D printing technology solutions. They became widely known for their V400 and SR Delta 3D printers just recently. Following the success of the V400 machines, FLSUN 3D printers are now exported to more than 150 countries worldwide, with warehouses in the USA, Europe, and other regions. Apart from products, they also provide 3D printing services and help in implementing 3D printers in factories.

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It’s known that Klipper firmware features like Input Shaping and Pressure Advance greatly improve the quality of prints that are printed at high speeds. As Delta printers are speedy due to their mechanical properties, the implementation of these features helped FLSUN to achieve even faster record-breaking speeds.

Even though the S1 and T1 are mostly building on the success of the previous generation machines, the new offered Max Speed of the S1 is astonishing. Seeing a Benchy printed in less than 8 minutes is very impressive.

– Enclosure. Apart from new speed limits, there are a lot of great features that accompany both S1 and T1 machines. Both machines will come with enclosed chambers, and the S1 will even have a built-in filament dryer. Both features can greatly impact print quality. An enclosure greatly helps materials such as ABS, for example, against warping, while the filament dryer ensures the material is in the best condition for high-flow 3D printing.

– Price. The price difference between the machines is quite steep. We see that the feature-rich S1, depending on the campaign, costs nearly 2.5 times more, namely $1,299 vs $499. Nevertheless, the T1 still has the major features such as improved printing speed limits, an enclosure, a high-flow hotend, auto-leveling, and even a camera for remote monitoring and time-lapse recording.

FLSUN S1 Specifications

Print Speed: 1200mm/s Max Speed
Large Build Volume: Ø320mm * 430mm
Hotend Max Temperature: 350°C
Please find the full parameters in the image below or at the end of the official product page

Price: $1,499.00 Sale price $1,299.00
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FLSUN S1 Delta 3D Printer
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FLSUN S1 Product Parameters and Specifications
FLSUN S1 Product Parameters and Specifications
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Image: FLSUN

FLSUN T1 Specifications

Print Speed: 1000mm/s Max Speed
Build Volume: Ø260mm * 330mm
Hotend Max Temperature: 300°C
Please find the full parameters in the image below or at the end of the official product page.

Price: $599.00 Sale price $499.00
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FLSUN T1 Delta 3D Printer

Official Website

FLSUN T1 Product Parameters and Specifications
FLSUN T1 Product Parameters and Specifications
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Image: FLSUN

Print Test and Testers

While the public awaits more independent 3D printer reviews, FLSUN has already picked an S1 beta tester on Reddit. In order to compete, testers had to go through a detailed survey. Hopefully, we will soon find more in-depth reviews in the wild.

– Promotional Testing. As we closely follow FLSUN on their social media, one of the posts featured a Benchy printed at high speeds. FLSUN shared the post on Twitter/X, where the Benchy was printed in 7 min 48 sec.

Here is a popular promo video that generated more than half a million views in a few weeks.


It’s no surprise that Delta 3D printers, owing to their mechanical properties, are faster than box-shaped bed slingers or CoreXY 3D printers. Their ability to achieve such high speeds certainly draws attention, especially as numerous brands have entered the ‘speed race’ this year. It’s reassuring to see significant developments across different types of machines, making the FDM 3D printer market diverse and rich in innovation.

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