Compilation of Pictures taken at 3D Print Congress & Exhibition

3D Print Congress & Exhibition – 3D Printing Trade Show in France

I was fortunate to visit 3D Print Congress & Exhibition in Lyon, France. Having heard that this event was popular and had never attended myself, I was curious to find out what it was to offer.

Two in One Trade Show

This was the second event I visited in the row when a 3D printing event was organized in the same Expo center and at the same time as the plastics event. 3D Print Congress & Exhibition took place alongside FIP France Innovation Plasturgie, literally in the opposite halls, and the pass worked for both of them. In Birmingham, UK, it was TCT 3Sixty and InterplasUK who were even closer neighbors at the NEC Expo in September 2021, divided by a mere retractable belt.

3D Print & Plastic Innovation Show Banners
Two related trade shows in the same venue at the same time
Image: 3DWithUs

Such a combination of trade shows helps to understand and compare the nature and the scale of the industries involved. When visiting one, it is very tempting to see what’s on in the other. In the end, at the same venue, you learn about all aspects of 3D printing together with plastic production and processing, and even see injection molding in action. Each hall is packed with innovations!

3D Print Congress and Exhibition

This event is held every year in Lyon, and lately also in Paris. The Lyon trade show is bigger than in Paris, and as I understand, the latter was initially held as a backup for the original. Lyon is the 3rd largest city in France and is known to be a gastronomical center.

Consumer and Industrial Companies Represented

– Consumer. Both industrial and consumer 3D printers were presented at the tradeshow. For example, I noticed multiple booths showcasing Prusa i3 MK3 and at least 3 booths were showcasing Creality’s 3DPrintMill, a belt 3D printer.

There were at least three stands with 3DPrintMills on display

– Filament Makers. Due to my personal passion for refill systems, I could not miss the TAGin3D booth that neatly displayed filament refills. They also showcased their master spool. The booth was hard to miss as it had a statue of a giant low poly ape holding a filament spool. That installation consisted of 24 3D printed parts.

Filament refills
TAGin3D stand – a selection of filament refills and a master spool

– Industrial. Generally, resellers dominated the floor at the event, and alongside consumer brands, we saw multiple known industrial brands, such as Stratasys.
One manufacturer worth mentioning is Pollen AM. Their delta PAM 3D printers work with pallets, and the producer claims that their materials can be 5 to 10 times cheaper than those from the competitors.

Pollen AM 3D Printer
PAM Pellet Delta 3D Printer by Pollen AM

Prints & Displays

Athletics 3D – a manufacturer of equipment for international sports competitions. Personalised 3D printed rifle helped France’s Émilien Jacquelin to become the World Champion in biathlon.

Athletics 3D stand, Emilien Jacquelin won gold with a 3D printed rifle
Emilien Jacquelin won gold with a 3D printed rifle

DECATHLON – a manufacturer of the own brand of racing bicycles, VanRysel. ADDLAB was approached with the task to develop a more effective material, together with stepping away from carbon material usage. The prototype proved its worth.

3D Printed Racing Bike
3D printed racing bike prototype in ADDLAB material
Picture: Max Funkner

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3D printed shoe
Fabulous Innovative Materials – a shoe 3D printed on Sintratec S2.

Dassault Systemes – Droid Gany’s bar. This added fun to the event. Genny was circling around the crowds offering juice in return for the answers to several questions.

Dassoult Systemes Droid
Gany’s Bar – Dassoult Systemes droid that offers juice


If you are a manufacturer and want to expand your business to other geographies, such tradeshows are a must to attend. Professionals from various verticals, from medical to aerospace and construction, keep busy brushing through the innovative and diverse 3D printing applications and solutions. Representatives of such industries as automotive or home appliance, or jewelry manufacturers find value in this event, building bridges, expanding or restructuring their businesses.

I am a multiple-language speaking individual, but French, unfortunately, is not in my collection. Was there a language barrier? I didn’t feel it. I received answers to my questions, got some interesting freebies, had successfully posed for pictures, and of course, left my 3DWithUs business cards for future contacts.

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We’ve put together a table with important 3D printing events, exhibitions, and fairs that happened or will happen in near future. Here you can also find a brief coverage of the events made by 3D printing community members.

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