3D Printing Guardian Comic Strip - Present Day

3D Printing Guardian Comic Strip – Present Day

Present day people are unaware of his existence and importance. 3D Printing Guardian is reduced to play various domestic roles because he can’t reveal himself. People are not ready to learn about the full potential of 3D printing. For now, the Guardian is protecting humans from themselves and teaching them lesson by lesson.

Comic Strip – The Cat


Comic Strip – The Party

Do you cover your 3D printer when guests are coming over?


Comic Strip – Bobo in 3D Printed Armor

We are happy to be able to feature JWall’s (Print That Thing) cat Bobo in one of our comics. Only Bobo knows currently what 3D Printing Guardian’s weakness is.

3D Printing Guardian ft Print That Thing Cat

Comic Strip – Channel Anchor

3DWithUs hires 3DPG to become an anchor on their 3D design and 3D printing related YouTube channel.
3D PRINTING GUARDIAN - YouTube Channel Anchor

Read More: The Story

To understand 3D Printing Guardian you have to know his story. The artifact that turned a human into a guardian, Trianglerium goggles, came from a shard that fell from the sky. From then onwards he could only see the world as a mesh, full of triangles.

3D Printing Guardian - The Beginning
3D Printing Guardian – The Beginning

Read More: The Current and Future Projects

Welcome to the main page of 3D Printing Guardian. 3DPG is not simply a spool holder, but also a comic strip hero and a YouTube channel anchor. In this main post, “About 3D Printing Guardian,” we will briefly go through all of his current and future roles.

3D Printing Guardian - Current and Future Projects
3D Printing Guardian – Current and Future Projects

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