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3D Printing Guardian – Current and Future Projects

Welcome to the main page of 3D Printing Guardian. What began as a themed spool holder in 2017 has gained popularity and positive feedback. Several years on, 3DPG is not just a spool holder but also a comic strip hero and was featured as a YouTube channel anchor. In this main post, About 3D Printing Guardian, we will briefly go through all of his current and future roles and projects. Let’s get started.

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3D Printed Spool Holder

Back in 2017, a themed spool holder was published on a few file repository websites, receiving a lot of positive feedback. Creator Max Funkner claims he still uses the original installation for his workhorse, Original Prusa i3 MK 2.5, as the main spool holder. Later, Max published another 3DPG themed model to use with tools or pencils. The triangles and gears featured in the composition resembled superpower elements. Learn more about the design process and STL files here.

Wall Mounted Spool Holder - 3D Printing Guardian
Wall Mounted Spool Holder – 3D Printing Guardian

Figurine Pen or Tool Holder

This model is a gorgeous figurine that, if printed full-sized, can hold a pen. If scaled, it can hold smaller tools like hex tools, for example.

3D Printing Guardian - Pen and Tool Holder Figurine
3D Printing Guardian – Pen and Tool Holder Figurine
3D Model on Cults
©3DWithUs – Print and Photo: Max Funkner

This model is available for free on all major file repositories. We added STL and .3mf files. In the screenshot, we show how to place supports. On the Creality K1 with organic supports, this model was printed in 6 hours. According to our 3D Print Cost Calculator, this model costs $4 to print, excluding labor costs.

3D Printing Guardian Comics – The Story

We decided that we would love to see 3DPG as a comic strip hero. We made up a unique backstory for him. He has goggles that allow him to see the world as a mesh and special ore material that he can reuse an infinite number of times. With these tools, 3DPG possesses superpowers that every domestic 3D-printer user would love to have. Encouragingly, these powers are in some sense achievable for anyone. When we learn to 3D design, we begin to see the world in mesh, and we deal with advanced technology and learn to reuse materials by way of the shredder and filament maker.
Altogether, “The Story” consists of five high-quality comic strips. There is one comics, with permission from the author, featuring Arya and Adalinda. Read more.

3D Printing Guardian - The Beginning
3D Printing Guardian – The Beginning
(Image: 3DWithUs)

3D Printing Guardian Comic Strip – Present Day

In this series, 3DPG features as an animated spool holder. We often see him engaging in everyday situations, but he never reveals his superpowers to humans. The “Present Day” series is comprised of independent short stories. In one of the stories, PTT Cat Bobo is featured, with the author’s permission, in his famous 3D Printed Cat Armor.

In the end, we had a blast producing both series. We are thinking about continuing the “Present Day” series in conjunction with other events. Stay tuned!

3D Printing Guardian Comic Strip - Present Day
3D Printing Guardian Comic Strip – Present Day
(Image: 3DWithUs)

Anchor on 3DWithUs YouTube Channel

This is our most recent project. 3DPG became an anchor on the channel, using lip sync animation and his own voice. You can find the blog post about automated lip-syncing on our website and in this category (coming soon). We published a new video in which 3DPG is introducing the 3DWithUs channel to the YouTube community. Check out the video below.

Future Projects – Design & 3D Printing Competition

We are planning to set up a competition based upon 3DPG. It will likely be a design competition, potentially for a pole. According to the story, 3DPG can make and remake any weapon he wishes. So the pole that holds the filament spool can be designed and decorated in any way imaginable – the only task is to maintain its functionality. We may also simply implement the “best set up and photo” contest.
At the moment, we are brainstorming ideas and looking for sponsors and the right platform. Please comment below or contact us if you have any suggestions.

3D Printing Guardian - Positive Feedback Across Social Media Platforms
Feedback Across Social Media Platforms

Future Projects – Crowdfunding

This is a very raw idea, requiring further research before any action is taken. Will it be a full-body figurine or a mini-game? Or something functional with exceptional quality? We are continuing to come up with ideas and are open to any suggestions.

3DPG Makes - Themed Wall Mounted Holder
3DPG – Community Makes


In conclusion, the 3D Printing Guardian has evolved significantly from a simple spool holder to a symbol of innovation and creativity within the 3D printing community. It represents a unique blend of art, technology, and storytelling, engaging audiences and inspiring creators worldwide. As the project continues to expand, it promises to bring more interactive content, collaborations, and 3D printing adventures, showcasing the endless possibilities of 3D printing and digital fabrication.

Support, participate in, and influence the 3D Printing Guardian Project via Patreon, Ko-fi, Printables, and Thangs. Please print and share freely available models using the #3DPrintingGuardian hashtag on social media.

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