3D Printing Guardian Comics – The Story

They say that 3D Printing Guardian is the last of the ancient people that lived on earth. After receiving three magic artifacts he obtained special powers. For endless years the Guardian was in hiding waiting until people were ready to discover 3D printing. Was it a curse or was it a blessing but since then he has to watch over the whole 3D printing process, inspire designers and makers and even guard 3D printing space and machinery.
To understand 3D Printing Guardian you have to know his story. The artifact that turned a human into a guardian, Trianglerium goggles, came from a shard that fell from the sky. From then onwards he could only see the world as a mesh, full of triangles.

3D PRINTING GUARDIAN - The Beginning - Trianglerium Goggles

3D Printing Guardian, confused and frightened with what’s happened to him, leaves his village before anyone could see his transformation. Unaware of his new powers he is wandering as far as he can from people. Eventually, he gets used to seeing everything around him in mesh, and even see through objects. After several years in the wild, he stumbled across a cave inside a tall mountain. What lured him inside this cave was a strange shiny object that he could not see through.

3D Printing Guardian - The Beginning - The Cave

He was so curious to discover what it was that he disregarded the sound of something approaching from behind …

3D Printing Guardian ft Adalinda

As our hero’s journey continued Gearlerium Ore was becoming more of a burden. Without understanding its true value 3D Printing Guardian seeks advice from a blacksmith …

3D Printing Guardian ft Treefrog

The mystery frog helped 3D Printing Guardian to understand that with his goggles he could read through the mesh. He could turn Gearlerium Ore into anything he wished.

As 3D Printing Guardian was mastering his new skills, his powers were growing stronger. He knew to use the goggles to turn Gearlerium Ore into anything he wanted, and with time he realized his true potential and perfected his skills. Our hero has a long way to go to become The 3D Printing Guardian – the protector of people and the balance-keeper in 3D printing world.

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Present day people are unaware of his existence and importance. 3D Printing Guardian is reduced to play various domestic roles because he can’t reveal himself. People are not ready to learn about the full potential of 3D printing. For now, the Guardian is protecting humans from themselves and teaching them lesson by lesson. Read More

3D Printing Guardian Comic Strip - Present Day

3D Printing Guardian Comic Strip – Present Day

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Welcome to the main page of 3D Printing Guardian. 3DPG is not simply a spool holder, but also a comic strip hero and a YouTube channel anchor. In this main post, “About 3D Printing Guardian,” we will briefly go through all of his current and future roles. Read More

3D Printing Guardian - Current and Future Projects

3D Printing Guardian – Current and Future Projects

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