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Win $10,000 Worth of Conductive Filament [$]

Win $10,000 worth of conductive copper filament by taking part in a 3D printing competition. Kupros Inc. launched the Embedded Electronic Circuit 3D Printing Competition to demonstrate the possibilities of their Cu-29 all-metal copper filament. The new level of conductivity of this patent-pending material is competitively high and, together with the possibility to print on inexpensive 3D printers, lets this material to stand out.

3D Printing Competition

As part of the launch of highly conductive Cu-29 filament, Kupros Inc. invites 3D printing community enthusiasts to participate in the Embedded Electronic Circuit 3D Printing Competition. The purpose of this competition is to demonstrate the possibilities of such material and usability on a consumer-grade 3D printer.

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According to Ian Ramsdell, Kupros Inc. plans to launch such 3D printing-related competitions annually with the aim to promote the material and push electronic circuit innovative ideas further.

$26,250 in Prizes

As each 1 kg spool of conductive Cu-29 is priced at $2,500, then the 1st place winner takes home 4 spools of this material with a value of $10,000. That’s not all, Kupros Inc. decided to reward other participants by giving out more spools and test samples. As the result, there will be $26,250 equivalent in Cu-29 filament, in prizes.

Deadline and Stages

The submission entry deadline is the 14th of August 2022. Then the submitted prototype designs will be printed using Cu-29 and publicly shared on social media. The online voting phase will be between the 4th and 16th of September. The winner will be announced on the 20th of September.

Design Criteria

It is important to note that organizers ask to submit designs matching to a list of criteria. The main one is for a design to fit on a consumer-grade desktop 3D printer that the organizers will use 150mm x 200mm x 150mm. Please note that no printing necessary for participants.

The chosen designs will be printed by the organizers in PLA and Cu-29 and showcased during the demonstration phase. Basically, designers should provide designs only. In this competition, participants can take part without using a 3D printer. Please read the instructions carefully on their website.

Cu-29 – Patent Pending 3D Printing Material

As a full-scale production is about to start, Ian Ramsdell, Founder & CEO of the company, tells more about the product on the Kupros Inc. YouTube channel. In the 10 min introductory video, he confirms that the material is patent pending and a lot of interest has arisen around this material with some preorders already taking place. NASA, along with multiple tech companies, showed their interest. In the video, they also talk about the startup’s future projects and goals.

About Kupros Inc.

Kupros brings a new all-metal copper filament for 3D printing electronics and antennas on FFF/FDM style printers, the most common 3D printer on the market. Eliminating the need for expensive printers, and time-consuming post-processing, while making up for a lack of efficient conductivity in the FFF/FDM filament market. In addition to capabilities unique to us, integrated circuitry, conformal printing, and rapid prototyping.
Source: Kurpos Inc

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