TCT Show – 3D Printing Event – Yearly Highlights and Preview

TCT Show covers all aspects of additive manufacturing from design to production. Every year it attracts all sort of companies involved in 3D printing, from big names to start-ups. TCT Show is the place to promote your business, make new contacts and generally gather information on new development in the industry. It has been run since 1994 with thousands of attendees visiting Birmingham, UK, in the recent years.

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TCT Show 2018

TCT Show 2018 proved to be as busy as ever, with noticeably more exhibitors showcasing their models. It was fun to see all those makes and samples. Star Wars Storm Trooper was greeting the visitors close to the entrance, adding to the sense of excitement upon arrival. A big part of the exhibition was dedicated to the industrial class machines, but there was plenty of interesting stuff to see for everyone. Here we watched E3D Online Tool Changer demonstrating its ability to change its tools continuously. For the first time we saw the Blackbelt3D station in action. (42-picture slideshow)

Stormtrooper - 3D Systems - TCT Show 2018
RD4 Delta - TCT Show 2018
Nikon - TCT Show 2018
Modix - Big 3D Printer - TCT Show 2018
iMade3D JellyBox2 - Education - TCT Show 2018
Filament Samples - Prima Selecet - TCT Show 2018
Filament Range - Prima Selecet - TCT Show 2018
Create Education - Open Minds - TCT Show 2018
Bolt Dual Ext - Leapfrog - TCT Show 2018
3D Print UK - TCT Show 2018
3D Pen Fine Art - Barbara Taylor-Harris - TCT Show 2018
BLACKBELT - 3D Printer - TCT Show 2018
Stacker - TCT Show 2018
E3D Online - Tool Changer - TCT Show 2018
SLA 3D Printer - Prusa Research - TCT Show 2018
MMU2 - Prusa Research - TCT Show 2018
Prusament - Prusa Research - TCT Show 2018
CNC - OOZNEST - TCT Show 2018
Craft Bot 3 - 3D Printer - TCT Show 2018
Filament Refills - - TCT Show 2018
Filament PM - TCT Show 2018
Tri-Tech 3D - 3D Printed Fruits
Atacam - CNC
Wright Robotics - Short Circuit Nr. 5
Modeclix - 3D Printed
Velociraptor - CNC
Ultimaker Material - PVA
T-Track CS - 3D Scanner
Tractus3D - 3D Printer
Laser Prototypes Europe Ltd - 3D Printed
Lambda - 3D Scanner
Markforged - 3D Printed Parts
BCN3D - Filament
BCN3D - Gaudi
HP - Industrial 3D Printer
Photocentric - Large SLA 3D Printer
Scan in a Box - Software
Scan in a Box
Furnaces and Ovens for AM - Nabertherm
Sindoh - 3DWOX
Surphaser - Laser 3D Scanner
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3devo displayed a filament shredder together with the filament-making machine. This gives us hope that soon enough every 3D printing enthusiast will be able to recycle unwanted prints and other plastic at home.
Prusa Research had three recently publicised items on display: MMU2, SLA 3D printer and Prusament Filament. It seems that lately 3D printer manufacturers have developed a trend for putting their own branded filament on the market.

Like in the previous year, TCT Show hosted classes for the younger visitors. The educational corner is now an integral part of the event, where a new generation is nurtured into the world of 3D printing.

2019 2018 2017

TCT Show 2017

In 2017 TCT Show once again brought together 3D printer producers showcasing their newest upgrades. There were quite a few stands with filament producers promoting their new materials. We noticed that more and more material producers are focusing on eco-friendly solutions. During the event one could listen to inspiring keynote presentations, including from such giants as McLaren (F1), attend workshops, talk directly to decision-makers for business purposes. (35-picture slideshow)

F1 Station by Stratasis TCT Show 2017
Sherlock - Formlabs - TCT Show 2017
Creature - EnvisionTEC - TCT Show 2017
Sainsbury's Christmas Advert Puppets - 3D Print Bureau UK - TCT Show 2017
Sainsbury's Christmas Advert Puppets Mask - 3D Print Bureau UK - TCT Show 2017
Titanium Bike Frame - Renishaw - TCT Show 2017
OOZNEST Workbee CNC - TCT Show 2017
Nozzle Set - E3D Online - TCT Show 2017
Lulzbot Mini - Lulzbot - TCT Show 2017
Felix - Felix Printers - TCT Show 2017
Bolt - Leapfrog - TCT Show 2017
Yacht - Rigid Ink - TCT Show 2017
Sharebot 3D Printer - TCT Show 2017
Big Ben - Raise3D - TCT Show 2017
3D Printed Cutlery - MNL  Prototypes
P3D (@RoboDekan) Stand at TCT Show 2017
Mass Portal - 3D Printer & Filament Dryers - TCT Show 2017
Filament Samples - Filamentive - TCT Show 2017
Prusa i3 MKs MMU - Prusa Research - TCT Show 2017
Multicolour Makes - Hawk 3D Proto - TCT Show 2017
3D Printer - Polaroid - TCT Show 2017
3D Printer - Precision Maker - TCT Show 2017
3DWOX - Sindoh - TCT Show 2017
3D Printer - Shining 3D - TCT Show 2017
Image Mapping - ZMorph - TCT Show 2017
Architectural Models - ZMorph - TCT Show 2017
WitBox Go - BQ - TCT Show 2017
3D Printer - Innovator 2 - TCT Show 2017
PLA - Unitika - TCT Show 2017
Tank - ZTL Technology - TCT Show 2017
ZTL Technology - TCT Show 2017
3D Printer - Pandwin - TCT Show 2017
3D Scanner - Nikon - TCT Show 2017
Tree of Rings - Slash+ SLA - TCT Show 2017
External Spool Holder - Wasp 3D - TCT Show 2017
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Additional Note

You don’t have to be a professional to visit this 3D printing event. We observed groups of school children excitedly learning about additive manufacturing and viewing unique models. 3D software developers keep pushing the limits constantly surprising the audience with the abilities of 3D design. One must not underestimate the role of 3D printing services companies in making this technology accessible to the general public. If you are planning to visit, we’d like to assure you that the location is very convenient for travel. The National Exhibition Centre (NEC) is right next to Birmingham International Airport and the rail station.

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