3D Printed Minecraft Mobs 😈👻😠

3D printed Minecraft mobs are very popular among dedicated players. Any Minecraft fan would be happy to have one in their collection. On the other hand, their square-shaped look makes it easy to design and print. File sharing websites are full of free samples to download and try out.

To get the feel of the game we started playing Minecraft and printed out first mobs we came across. The scariest monster Creeper, by whose hand we died many times, is quite a hit in 3D printing community. It comes in various designs. We also found good beginner-friendly files for Skeleton Shooter, Spider, Ghast and Enderman. All mobs were 3D printed on Delta Wasp 2040.

Minecraft 3D Printed Mobs Creeper
Minecraft 3D Printed Mobs Creeper
(Image: 3DWithUs)

PLA filament comes in many colors for FDM desktop 3D printers (extrusion process). It is also beginner-friendly and deals well with overhangs under low temperature.

Our skeleton model required support. But not to worry, most of slicer software add support automatically. The easiest were Spider and Ghast as they could be printed in one go. Enderman’s file included several pieces. When printing multiple objects, make sure that bed leveling is right and each piece sticks well to the build plate.

3D Printed Minecraft Mobs Skeleton Enderman Ghast Creeper and Spider
Skeleton Enderman Ghast Creeper and Spider
(Image: 3DWithUs)

3D Printed Minecraft Mobs as Educational Tool

If you are worried that your kids are gaming too much, show them 3D printed Minecraft mobs. It is bound to get their attention. Designing your own mobs is not hard thanks to Tinkercad browser software. Once you get a hang of it, this may become quite addictive.

This software is easy to use and creates 3D printable files. Then it will be your task to print their creation. This is a good way to make them learn new skills and opens new aspects to gaming.

Original STL files:

Textured Minecraft Creeper by gCreate:
Minecraft Creeper – With Movable Head by Conseils:
Enderman by MicrosoftStore:
Big Minecraft Ghast by rocketboy:
Minecraft Skeleton with Bow by giufini:
Minecraft spider by toddsplod67:
Unfortunately, we had to remove all links because the files we used are not available anymore due to the recent copyright issues.

Green HATCHBOX PLA Filament on Amazon (affiliate link)

3D Printed Minecraft Mobs
3D Printed Minecraft Mobs
(Image: 3DWithUs)

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Low-Poly Pokemon - On Printing Bed - Designed by Flowalistik
Low-Poly Pokemon – by Flowalistik
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