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Once your new 3D printer arrives it is good to understand its capabilities. There are many 3D printing test files to choose from on Thingiverse. The reason to use a proper test file is because it contains all hard-to-print bits. After printing such object it becomes clear what settings you need to complete tricky and detailed projects. Also these files are designed in a way that you don’t use a lot of filament and printing time. Our 3D printing test is made on Delta Wasp 2040. Click on picture to zoom

3D Printing Test - Fail - Blue PLA 3D Printing Test - Improoved Result - Blue PLA

As each 3D printer is different it may take a few attempts to get your print right. Changing particular slicer settings and trying again and again will eventually result in tuning your printer correctly. The picture above demonstrates how wrong it can come out in the very beginning. Lower temperature and printing speed can help with bridges and tricky corners. More details can be achieved with layer height at 0.1 mm.

3D Printing Test – Stringing

As it is shown in the picture below (Red) there is a lot of stringing. A big part in this is played by retraction settings. Later we changed retraction speed to 60 mm/s. Also Z hop when retracting was changed to 0.075 mm which is recommended for Delta 3D printers. High temperature can also add to stringing. It is best to print at lower temperature to allow filament to cool down. PLA at 180 C should be the most suitable for this type of 3D printing test.

3D Printing Test - Stringing - T-Glase PET 3d printing test - improoved result - Green PLA

Another setting to mind is travel speed. By default it can be set at 150 mm/s in your slicer. It might help raising it to 250 mm/s. This way filament won’t be dragged along. Hopefully all the tips above will help you to set up your 3D printer correctly and avoid the stringing. However please keep in mind that you may have such filament in your hands that will make stringing worse than others. Click on picture to zoom

3D Printing Test - Wood Filament 3D Printing Test - ABS Filament

STL File:

Current test file http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:704409
More makes on http://www.thingiverse.com/3DWithUs
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