Adding Support – Cura Settings

An object with overhangs over 45 degrees normally requires adding support in 3D printing. In a slicing software Cura there are options for 2 different types of support structures: Touching Buildplate and Everywhere. Everywhere may be a bit too much and requires extensive cleaning and polishing to perfect the result. This can leave marks on your object. Also this option consumes more filament. Touching Buildplate is used widely. There is also a possibility to choose Grid or Line structure when adding support. Our make is printed on Delta Wasp 2040 in PLA. For the object in the picture below we used line support and it proved to be easier to remove. Click on picture to zoom

Support in 3D Printing - Cura Settings Octopus Mobile Stand with Support

Overhangs In Cura overhangs are shown in red like in the picture above. When printing an arch-shaped area layers may sag. Adding extra layers on top makes things worse. As a layer is not resting on support, the weight of further layers is pushing it even lower. Being warm and soft the whole structure will end up looking quite ugly. Extrusion 3D printers may be able to deal with some non-extreme overhangs. For example Cura settings can be changed to make the layers thicker. Simply changing layer height from 0.1 to 0.2 mm can sometimes help with round corners. But of course it depends on what printer and filament you are using, so do experiment.

Adding Support in 3D Printing – Cura Settings

Temperature plays a major part here. Lowering the temperature can help the filament to cool and set quicker. Some 3D printers have additional cooler fans installed. But please be aware that to low temperature can get in a way of effective extrusion.

Print Speed is also a factor here. The lower the speed – the better result.
Also different filaments have different qualities. The properties of the filament may vary even for different colour filament from the same manufacturer. The results may change from one spool to another.

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