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Creality K2 Plus Combo with CFS

Creality K2 Plus and Creality Filament System (CFS)

On its 10th anniversary, Creality made a significant announcement regarding its brand renewal, unveiling new products that include FDM and resin 3D printers, a powerful laser cutter, and 3D scanners. This article provides a focused overview of the Creality K2 Plus and the Creality Filament System (CFS).

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Creality Brand Renewal

A few months before the 10th anniversary, there was a noticeable change in Creality’s branding, notably the logo. A new vibrant green logo appeared on all the company’s social media and websites. We are pleased to see that the company is growing in the right direction and endorsing such initiatives as sustainability and transparent engagement with the 3D printing community. We sincerely wish them success in their goals and hope they make our unique community better.

Creality Brand Values and Tasks
Creality Brand Values and Tasks
Image: Creality

Creality K2 Plus and Creality Filament System (CFS)

As more and more people feature organically multi-material prints on social media, we logically predicted an increase in interest in this area. A few other brands already launched their multi-material systems, and now we are very excited to see Creality follow the trend. No doubt that in the last ten years, Creality has won the hearts of many 3D printing enthusiasts, and now such a significant addition is awaited with anticipation by many.

Creality K2 Plus Combo with CFS
Creality K2 Plus Combo with Creality Filament System (CFS)
Image: Creality

With a substantial 350mm cubed build volume, the groundbreaking K2 Plus is the latest addition to Creality’s esteemed K Series. Leveraging the comprehensive Creality Filament System (CFS), the K2 Plus innovates multi-color 3D printing, pushing the boundaries of 3D printing possibilities. Revolutionizing filament management with RFID-enabled automatic identification and selection, the intuitive design of the CFS allows for effortless creation of stunning 16-color prints while supporting automatic filament loading, unloading, and replacement.

Last year, Creality impressed us with their K1 series machines, and we thoroughly reviewed the K1 and Creality K1 Max on our website. These machines delivered numerous high-quality prints in a remarkably short time. We’re crossing our fingers that the K2 Plus will continue the legacy, with all minor adjustments further enhancing their performance.

Creality Filament System (CFS)

The CFS, combined with Creality OS, uses smart technology to recognize and manage filament types using RFID tags, making sure the right material, color, and amount are used for each print. It has a secure design that prevents filament escape and shows temperature and humidity. Each unit can hold four 1kg rolls of filament, and you can link up to four units together to use 16 rolls at once.

Creality CFS Settings in Creality Print
Automatically identifies the type, color, and weight of the filament
Image: Creality

Is the New CFS Compatible with the K1 Series?

Our other upcoming new products will all be compatible with the Multi-color CFS. Additionally, Multi-color upgrade kits will be available for the currently sold K1 series and Ender-3 V3 series.

It was announced that yes, it will be. We expect that multi-color kits will be slightly different from those that will be shipped as a combo in order to accommodate the differences in the previous printers.

Creality CFS and 4 Filament Spools
Creality CFS
Image: Creality

Other Takeaways

– Print Speed and Quality. It was stressed that the speed, accuracy, elimination of vibration, and exceptional cooling will be major quality print features further on K2 Plus.
Expected new Creality records on printing Benchy: New records on Benchy, 10 minutes on K2 Plus compared to 16 minutes on K1 series.

– Auto leveling. ‘Next Generation of Auto Leveling’ Here, the news was a bit unclear whether it referred to the already existing K1 series auto-leveling, as it works well on K1 series machines.

– Extruder. New direct drive extruder.

– Creality Print. Updated, better slicer software covering multi-material 3D printing needs.

It was announced that the K1 machines were the ‘Most Advanced of Creality FDM 3D Printers ever.’ The K1 series was launched in April 2023 and has already seen 200,000 units sold, including the K1, K1C, and K1 Max.

Following its predecessors, the K2 Plus is expected to offer excellent print quality and efficiency. This is due to its well-designed features like heating control, advanced extrusion, automatic leveling, and smart motors. With Creality OS and Edge AI technology, the K2 Plus connects smoothly and provides smart monitoring, making 3D printing easier and more innovative.

Creality K2 Combo Price and Launch Date

Price: to be updated
Our prediction: During the press release and the anniversary program, the price wasn’t announced. However, we can speculate on the price by comparing the cost of the K1 Max and its competitors in the market. Therefore, our rough prediction would be $799 – $1,400. Creality, as usual, will try its best to keep the price competitive, but at the same time, such a big volume will make this machine unique in the market at the moment, which may explain the higher price.
Launch Date: 31st of July 2024
Creality is set to launch an entire K2 series of printers, with the CFS multi-color kit included as a standard feature on every model. The K2 Plus will be offered both as a standalone unit and in CFS Combo packages, with the official global launch scheduled for July 31st.

Other Products and Services

Starting as a manufacturer of budget desktop FDM 3D printers ten years ago, Creality has expanded its product line to include resin 3D printers, laser cutters and engravers, and 3D scanners. They also launched their own file repository, CrealityCloud, and began producing their own branded filament and resin.

– Filament and Resin. Creality is introducing a wider range of 3D printing materials that are more colorful, eco-friendly, and of higher quality. They now offer more than 50 filament colors for the Ender, CR, and Hyper series.

– 3D Scanners. Creality is launching two new 3D scanners: the Creality CR-Scan Otter and the CR-Scan Raptor. The CR-Scan Otter is perfect for makers, offering precise scanning of objects big and small, with an anti-shake feature for smooth scans and the ability to scan black/metal objects without spray. The CR-Scan Raptor, designed for metrology-grade professionals, offers ultra-high accuracy for precise and efficient scanning.

– Laser Cutters and Engravers. Creality has introduced the new Falcon2 Pro 60W, a powerful, fully enclosed 60W laser cutter and engraver. It features three lasers in one for efficient cutting and precise engraving. The machine’s enclosed design and camera for auto-positioning enhance safety and convenience.

Creality's 3D Printed Shoes
Creality’s 3D Printed Shoes
Photo: Creality

We were genuinely surprised by Creality’s launch of branded shoes. Known as “Dragon Flame” and “Dragon Horn,” these two pairs of slippers mark Creality’s new line of 3D-printed shoes. They blend modern design with advanced 3D printing technology, providing excellent comfort, durability, and flexibility, suitable for daily use. Emphasizing innovation and sustainability, these shoes showcase the future of footwear design.

Store Links:
Official Website


We are delighted to see Creality’s growth in the right direction, particularly their commitment to sustainability and transparent engagement with the 3D printing community. As we extend our congratulations to Creality on their 10th anniversary, we sincerely wish them continued success in their endeavors and are hopeful they will continue to enhance our unique community.

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