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During the festive season, there are a lot of shiny sparkly decorations around. Having a 3D printer, it is very tempting to try and make something special. As we are not much of the artists, spray painting 3D prints seemed like an easy solution. And what a variety of paints on offer! Click on picture to zoom

Spray Painting 3D Prints - Christmas Deer

It does not matter which colour to print in, so we went for a dull white filament, to make the transformation more dramatic. Christmas Deer design by Yeg3D was perfect for our task.

Spray Painting 3D Prints Christmas Deer

Spray Painting 3D Prints – Things to Consider

Location: Spray painting should be done in the controlled environment with no draft or wind. Any items in the proximity to the spraying zone must be covered. Keep your camera at a safe distance if filming, as the tiny specks of paint can get on it. Even the slightest movement of air makes the paint particles spread and stick to anything in their path. A shed or a garage can be ideal for this. We would never recommend to do it at home.

Ideal Spray Painting Station in The Garage

Think in advance of the place to stand your freshly painted object, it may have to stay there overnight.
We found that spraying while holding a print inside a cardboard box worked well. It protected the surroundings from paint and sheltered the finished item from dust while drying.

Cardboard box on the terrace

Preparation: Before applying any paint or primer onto a plastic surface, make sure that it is free from any dust or dirt. We recommend to use fine sand paper to make the object’s surface a bit less shiny and more adsorbent. After sanding, the surface should be brushed or wiped clean. The object can be primed before the paint is applied. This will treat the surface and help the paint to stick better. Click on picture to zoom

Flower Pot Before After

Type of paint: There are different types of spray paints: the ones transparent with just the glitter and the ones that actually apply the colour. When using the first option, the original colour of the make will come through. We also found, maybe unlucky with the brand, that it needed a lot of spraying and took too long to dry. The silver metallic spray paint though, was incredible. It dried much quicker and was easy to apply.

Spray Painting 3D Prints – YouTube Video

Safety: Spray paint is a hazardous product. It is flammable, toxic and can cause harm when breathed in. In some shops there is even an 18 age limit for some spray paints. Please make sure to wear appropriate clothes, rubber gloves and respirator.

Spray Painting 3D Printed Models Gallery

Spray painting 3D printed models has a big potential. It is sad to see objects not being used just because of some minor flaws or dull colours. We know that there are more sophisticated methods of post processing available, like airbrush or vapour smoothing for ABS, but spray painting is one of the easiest in our opinion. Before – After gallery of spray painted 3D printed parts. Visit…

Spray Painting 3D Printed Models Gallery

STL files:

Dragon Wine Glass: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/dragon-wine-glass-house-of-targaryen-6674
Hexagon Nut Planter: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/hexagon-nut-planter-21857
Christmas Deer http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:571949
Adalinda https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:246198
Wine Hand https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:931880

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Hi, great work! I’m trying to use metallic spray to paint my pla works… but i still have not good results, because my spray paint cannot be covered by a top transparent coat (the metallic layer becomes dull and darker)… And if i don’t use top transparent coat, my metallic layer, even after 2 days drying, gets dull or has fingertips if i touch it a bit hard… So i’d like to know if Rust Oleum Metallic paints have good results without top coat… if they avoid fingertips or signs over the metallic layer… or even if they can be covered by a protective transparent top coat. Many thanks and regards!


hello im thinking this would be the quickest option for providing metallic finish over the surface of the printed parts! interested im from india kindly mail me