3D Printing Gallery – 3D Print Ideas, Makes and Designs

This 3D printing gallery is a collection of makes, popular designs, and 3D scans. The gallery is here to give 3D print ideas of what can come out of a desktop 3D printer. It starts with the makes at the beginner’s level and hopefully will develop into a substantial library. Click on pictures to zoom and start a carousel.

Hairy 3D Prints – 3D Print Ideas

3D printing nurtures creativity and curiosity. Some more advanced makers start to find standard printing boring. They look for a challenge and push the boundaries of this technology. They “torture test” their 3D printers to see the maximum capability. New ideas are born. Designing hairy 3D prints is one of such innovative ideas. 

Vase Mode 3D Printing – Textures of 3D Scanned Trees

Let’s use 3D scanning and vase mode 3D printing to achieve a real tree texture effect for functional or decorative items.

Multicolor 3D Printing With a Single Extruder

The majority of desktop FDM printers have a single extruder and for these, the idea of multicolor 3D printing has been a … Read more & images

Multicolor 3D Printing - Fire and Warning Signs by Obolski Multicolor 3D Printing - Funny Toilet Sign Multicolor 3D Printing - Hydra Pendant Multicolor 3D Printing - 300 Subscribers

Spray Painting 3D Printed Models Gallery

Spray painting 3D printed models has a big potential. Tips & Tricks and Before – After gallery of spray … Read more & images
Spray Painting 3D Printed Models Gallery Spray Painting 3D Printed Models Gallery - Workshop Spray Painting 3D Printed Models Gallery - Workshop Box Odile The Swan - After - Silver Spray Paint

Scan The World – 3D Printing Tips & Tricks

A very rich and interesting part of 3D printing is the ability to print scanned objects. It opens an enormous potential for saving the historic heritage of the world. A significant collection of such objects already exists as MyMiniFactory supported the Scan the World initiative. They share the files for everyone to print a part of history for themselves. We have printed out a few items from that collection: Read more & images
ScanTheWorld 3D Printing Tips & Tricks Scan The World - Marwari Horse Head Scan The World - Gayer-Anderson Cat Thames Lamp Standard Creature - Before

3D Printing Guardian Filament Spool Holder

Disguised as a wall mounted spool holder 3D Printing Guardian watches over the whole 3D printing process. He immediately made our lives easier as now we can replace a spool in seconds. It is especially handy when changing filament for multicolor 3D printing… Read more & images

Wall Mounted Spool Holder - 3D Printing Guardian in Meshmixer 3DPG Makes - Themed Wall Mounted Holder 3D Printing Guardian Comics Thumbnail New Wall Mounted Spool Holder - 3D Printing Guardian

3D Printed Puzzle Box

One of the best models for customization is a 3D printed puzzle box. The puzzle can be unique for each model or there may be a secret compartment inside the object. In some cases, only the creators will know the key to the puzzle … Read more & images
3D Printed Puzzle Box by emmett Secret Heart Box by emmett 3D Printed American Football by Agustin Flowalistik 3D Printed Puzzle Box Thumbnail

Groot in Wood

The announcement of Guardians of the Galaxy part 2 created a wave of interest towards Groot in 3D printing community. A glimpse of Baby Groot in the movie trailer gave ideas to the designers. Makers all over the world are having fun recreating the famous character… Read more & images
Groot Flower Planter, Groot Bust and Baby Groot Toy 3D Printing in Wood - Groot Trio Back 3D Printing in Wood - Groot Trio Front Wood Filament - 3D Printing Material - Groot

Odile The Swan

Odile The Swan designed by Louise Driggers aka loubie resembles black swans at Leeds castle in Kent UK. Read more & images
Leeds Castle Black Swans Odile The Swan - White PLA Odile The Swan in White, Black, Blue and Red Black and White Swans

Spray Painting 3D Prints

During the festive season, there are a lot of shiny sparkly decorations around. Having a 3D printer, it is very tempting to try and make something special. As we are not much of the artists, spray painting 3D prints … Read more & images
Spray Painting 3D Prints Christmas Deer TN Spray Painting 3D Prints Christmas Deer Spray Painting - We Are Ready for new GoT Season Spray Painting 3D Prints - Adalina, Dragon Cup and Wine Hand

3D Printed Pokemon

Agustin Flowalistik, designer of a low poly 3D printed Pokemon, had a big success with his creation even before the launch of Pokemon Go game. Flagman Pikachu was downloaded tens of thousands of times … Read more & images
3D Printed Pokemon -The Whole Gang 3D Printed Pokemon - Double Pikachu Five 3D Printed Pokemons - On Delta Wasp Printing Bed Six 3D Printed Pokemons on a Mobile Phone

Minecraft Mobs

3D printed Minecraft mobs are very popular among dedicated players. Any Minecraft fan would be happy to have one in their collection. On the other hand, their square-shaped look makes it easy to design and print. Read more & images
Minecraft 3D Printed Mobs Creeper Minecraft 3D Printed Skeleton with Support 3D Printed Minecraft Mobs 3D Printed Minecraft Mobs

3D Scanned and Printed GW2 Cannon

The idea to 3D scan an object is very old. We have seen it in sci-fi movies and read about it in books. Recently, thanks to developed software like Autodesk ReMake we can implement this idea into life. Read more & images
3D Scan of GW2 Cannon in ReMake 3D Scanned and 3D Printed with support GW2 Cannon 3D Scanned and 3D Printed GW2 Cannon 3D Scanned GW2 Cannon

Rose Thorn Remover

This is a professional tool of the florist. Quickly removes thorns, branches and leaves. Designed in Tinkercad. Watch on YouTube
Red Rose Thorn Remover 3D Printing Gallery - Rose Thorn Remover Rose Thorn Remover Blue Rose Thorn Remover Test


Slither.io is an online game that you can play with multiple players. It is made in pieces: heads, body parts and tails. Read more & images
Slither.io Multiple Segments Slither.io Flexible Filament Review - 3D Printing Multiple Objects Slither.io Group - 3D Printing Galery

Cactus in a Pot

Green PLA cactus and a wooden filament pot. Designed in Tinkercad. Tinkercad is good for beginners. It offers a selection of geometrical shapes to use for 3D design. Watch on YouTube
Cactus Design in Tinkercad Cactus and a Pot Cactus in a Pot Cactus Collection Theo

Dual Business Card Holder

This is a card holder for 2 types of business cards. Easy to use, a great tool for marketing and brand promotion. One side can be used for cards to give away and the other for the ones collected at events or meetings. It can help those with 2 types of businesses. Watch on YouTube
For 3D Printing Gallery - Dual Business Card Holder Dual Business Card Holder Business Card Holder Dual Business Card Holder for 3D Printing Gallery

Wood Filament

3D printing wood filament exists since 2012, but it could still be called experimental. It often consists of 60-70% polymers and 40-30% of recycled wood fibres of different kinds… Read more & images
Houses on the Rock in wood filament Wood Filament - 3D Printing Material - Elephant Toy Wood Filament - 3D Printing Material - Groot 3D Printing Test - Wood Filament

3D Printing Test

Once your new 3D printer arrives it is good to understand its capabilities. There are many test files to choose from on Thingeverse. The reason to use a proper test file is because it contains all hard-to-print bits. After printing such object it becomes clear what settings you need to complete tricky and detailed projects. Also these files are designed in a way that you don’t use a lot of filament and printing time. Read more & images
3D Printing Test - Fail 3D Printing Test - Improoved Result - Blue PLA 3D Printing Test - ABS Filament 3D Printing Test - Stringing - T-Glase PET

Source & Links

Most of the STL files for the featured designs that we use come from file-sharing repositories. You can find the sources by following the links to the blogs. We feature some of 3D printing ideas in our 3DWithUs YouTube Channel.
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