3D Printing Gallery – 3D Print Ideas, Makes and Designs

3D Print Ideas, Makes and Designs – Gallery

This 3D printing gallery is a collection of makes, popular designs, and 3D scans. The gallery is here to give 3D print ideas of what can come out of a desktop 3D printer. It starts with the makes at the beginner’s level and develops into a substantial library. Click on pictures to zoom and start a carousel.

Articulated Flexi Toy Models

There is a range of interesting toy models that are tagged as Flexi or Articulated on STL sharing websites. Making the most of desktop 3D printing at home, makers and designers are turning basic, lifeless models into wiggly, wobbly, jiggly entertaining toys.

Plant Pots Types & Ideas

File repositories offer a vast collection of plant pots or planters that can be 3D printed. Vases and pots usually are desktop 3D printer-friendly and any filament can handle the task. Taking into consideration that these objects are highly customizable and are functional, it is understandable why these are such a popular choice for 3D printing on desktop 3D printers.

3D Printed Illusions

If you are into illusions you may find that 3D printers are very useful tools to replicate existing or create completely new combinations.


Hairy 3D Prints – Ideas

3D printing nurtures creativity and curiosity. Some more advanced makers start to find standard printing boring. They look for a challenge and push the boundaries of this technology. They “torture test” their 3D printers to see the maximum capability. New ideas are born. Designing hairy 3D prints is one of such innovative ideas.

Vase Mode 3D Printing – Textures of 3D Scanned Trees

Let’s use 3D scanning and vase mode 3D printing to achieve a real tree texture effect for functional or decorative items.

Useful 3D Print Ideas

Functional 3D printing does not get the same publicity as printing for fun. The share of useful 3D prints in domestic 3D printing is growing but such models are not appreciated enough. In our opinion, both types of modeling are needed and it all goes in the right direction. 3D printing for fun helps to attract the young generation and enthusiasts.


Multicolor 3D Printing With a Single Extruder

The majority of such printers have a single extruder and for these, the idea of multicolor 3D printing has been a challenge for a long time. What makes it possible, however, is an option to pause, change filament and restart printing.

Spray Painting 3D Printed Models Gallery

Spray painting 3D printed models has a big potential. It is sad to see objects not being used just because of some minor flaws or dull colors. We know that there are more sophisticated methods of post-processing available, like airbrush or vapor smoothing for ABS, but spray painting is one of the easiest in our opinion. Before – After gallery of spray-painted 3D printed parts.

Scan The World – 3D Print Ideas

A very rich and interesting part of 3D printing is the ability to print scanned objects. It opens an enormous potential for saving the historic heritage of the world. A significant collection of such objects already exists as MyMiniFactory supported the Scan the World initiative. They share the files for everyone to print a part of history for themselves.


3D Printing Guardian Filament Spool Holder

Disguised as a wall mounted spool holder 3D Printing Guardian watches over the whole 3D printing process. He immediately made our lives easier as now we can replace a spool in seconds. It is especially handy when changing filament for multicolor 3D printing.

3D Printed Puzzle Box

One of the best models for customization is a 3D printed puzzle box. The puzzle can be unique for each model or there may be a secret compartment inside the object. In some cases, only the creators will know the key to the puzzle …

Groot in Wood

The announcement of Guardians of the Galaxy part 2 created a wave of interest towards Groot in 3D printing community. A glimpse of Baby Groot in the movie trailer gave ideas to the designers. Makers all over the world are having fun recreating the famous character…


Odile The Swan

Odile The Swan designed by Louise Driggers aka loubie resembles black swans at Leeds castle in Kent UK.

3D Print Ideas for Spray Painting

During the festive season, there are a lot of shiny sparkly decorations around. Having a 3D printer, it is very tempting to try and make something special. As we are not much of the artists, spray painting 3D prints seemed like an easy solution. And what a variety of paints on offer!

3D Printed Pokemon

Agustin Flowalistik, designer of a low poly 3D printed Pokemon, had a big success with his creation even before the launch of Pokemon Go game. Flagman Pikachu was downloaded tens of thousands of times … Read more & images

Minecraft Mobs

3D printed Minecraft mobs are very popular among dedicated players. Any Minecraft fan would be happy to have one in their collection. On the other hand, their square-shaped look makes it easy to design and print. Read more & images

3D Print Ideas for Wood Filament

3D printing wood filament exists since 2012, but it could still be called experimental. It often consists of 60-70% polymers and 40-30% of recycled wood fibres of different kinds… Read more & images

3D Printing Test

Once your new 3D printer arrives it is good to understand its capabilities. There are many test files to choose from on Thingeverse. The reason to use a proper test file is because it contains all hard-to-print bits. After printing such object it becomes clear what settings you need to complete tricky and detailed projects. Also these files are designed in a way that you don’t use a lot of filament and printing time. Read more & images

Source & Links

Most of the STL files for the featured designs that we use come from file-sharing repositories. You can find the sources by following the links to the blogs. We feature some of 3D printing ideas in our 3DWithUs YouTube Channel.
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3D Printing Gallery

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