Easter 3D Print Ideas and Gifts Compilation

Easter 3D Print Ideas and Gifts: Decorative and Functional

Easter is a special time to enjoy with family and friends, particularly with the kids who add joy to the celebration. Beyond just gifts and chocolates, Easter is about making lasting memories. 3D printing introduces a unique way to create personalized and special gifts, adding a touch of creativity to the holiday. This Easter 3D print ideas guide aims to inspire you with various 3D printing examples and techniques. We will explore how innovations like multi-colour filaments and colour-changing systems enhance the printing process, making it more fun. Let’s dive into this creative adventure and make this Easter stand out with personalized 3D printed decorative and functional gifts!

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Why Easter is Popular in 3D Printing

Easter is a cherished occasion in 3D printing and DIY circles for its unique blend of creativity and tradition. Designers relish the opportunity to unveil their originality through themed designs that may range from the classic Easter eggs and bunnies to a broader array of motifs like lilies, chicks, pretzels, hot cross buns, and various candies. These thematic creations go beyond mere aesthetics; they allow for the crafting of unique gifts, offering a personal touch to share with family and friends during this festive season.

– Purple, White & Yellow. While traditional festive Easter colours like purple, white and yellow(gold) may dominate, the beauty of this season lies in the freedom to choose any colour. Whether it’s pastel shades or vibrant colours, they allow you to bring your personal touch to each creation. If you embark on a 3D printing journey this Easter, let your imagination run wild, as each colour and design choice adds a unique charm to your creations. Here’s to a season of colourful delights and endless possibilities!

– Where to look. When it comes to finding suitable 3D models, the internet is a treasure trove with countless STL file repositories offering a diverse collection of files. Whether for free or at a minimal cost, these models provide the foundation for the creations, making the only challenge the enjoyable task of selecting the perfect design.

3D Printers and Material of Choice

When it comes to bringing Easter designs to life through 3D printing, the possibilities are as vast as the models themselves. With so many options available on the market, both FDM and Resin printers can turn digital designs into prints with ease. While Resin printers offer their unique advantages for detail, FDM printers have emerged as a top choice among enthusiasts, thanks to their ease of operation, and the choice of colourful filaments at their disposal.

The ability to switch between filaments opens up the creative side of people, enabling multi-coloured prints that are visually stunning. In the world of FDM printers, innovation continues to push boundaries. Advanced printers now come equipped with filament change add-ons, allowing designs with up to 16 different colours blended into a single print. While these printers may come at a premium, the endless possibilities they offer introduce a whole new dimension to printing.

– Filament. Even when using a 3D printer without multi-colour options, using a few different colours for the different parts can create many nice variations. Traditionally, Festive Easter colours are pastel purple, white, and yellow (gold). These colour filaments, in different finishes and materials, are widely available for purchase on platforms like Amazon, where filament brands often offer themed bundles. New dual and tri-colour filaments allow us to play and create even more stunning prints. Check out our filament guide to learn more about popular filament types.

Easter 3D Print Ideas & Implementation

It’s no secret that Easter brings a sense of delight with its chocolate eggs and the Easter bunny creations. These have captured the hearts of both children and adults alike, making them favorites in the festive season. When it comes to Easter prints, these beloved models take center stage, inspiring designs that range from traditional to innovative. From playful colours to imaginative models, each print offers a unique twist on these classic designs and age-old traditions.

3D Models Ideas for Rainbow Filaments

Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed a remarkable evolution in the area of 3D printing filaments. What once started as simple, basic colours has now transformed into a multitude of options, ranging from vibrant rainbow colours to filaments with dual or even tri-colour capabilities within a single strand. The introduction of silks and matte finishes has added a whole new dimension to the printing experience, allowing creators to design detailed, colourful prints. These innovative filaments have quickly gained popularity with enthusiasts and professionals alike, creating new possibilities in the world of 3D printing.

Easter Themed Designs by KOZA
Easter Themed Designs by KOZA
3D Models on Cults
©3DWithUs – Print and Photo: Richard Hirst

– Tips. In order to print well using such filaments, it is important to sense when and where the transition will occur and what colour shade is preferable at the base and at the top of the print. Models in most cases will be slightly larger than usual to feature the transitions in the desired manner. Sometimes, unspooling the filament until the preferred shade is reached is a good strategy. This may also generate a small bit of filament sample for other single-colour projects.

String and Lattice 3D Print Art

String and lattice models are brilliant conversation starters if you want to impress someone who is into technology or naturally tech-savvy. These kinds of creations can be achieved by 3D printing only and cannot be replicated by injection molding, CNC carving, or laser cutting, for example. They look amazing, and people will be amazed at the little strings in the prints. These prints may be challenging, but as long as your printer is set up correctly and you have your settings right, these prints are ones to try.

String and Lattice Easter Egg 3D Print Art
String and Lattice Easter Egg 3D Print Art
String Egg Ornament by 3DPrintBunny on Thangs
Lattice Easter Egg by DaveMakesStuff on Thangs
©3DWithUs – Print and Photo: Richard Hirst

In the 3D printing community, 3DPrintBunny and DaveMakesStuff are well-known for using these techniques to create a variety of themed designs, not limited to just Easter. Check out their extensive collections on Thangs.

Themed and Functional Ideas

Easter prints can serve as stunning functional objects suitable for year-round use, appealing to both children and adults alike. These decorative pieces can enhance children’s bedrooms or add a touch of charm elsewhere in the house. Since many of these prints also offer practical functions, their placement is limited only by your imagination.

 Easter Bunny Themed Toy Planter Pot
Themed Toy Easter Eggs Holder
3D Model on Printables
©3DWithUs – Print and Photo: Max Funkner
Themed Plant Pots - Dog the Gardener and Easter Bunny
Themed Plant Pots – Dog the Gardener and Easter Bunny

As an example, ‘Dog the Gardener’ and the ‘Easter Bunny’ were designed to have a simple functional task. Both of them can be useful during the Easter egg hunt, and all year round, they can serve as plant pots or simply as containers for something small, and of course, they can be used as toys. These characters could be great for introducing gardening to children and turning it into a fun activity. Read more about 3D printed plant pots, self-watering planters, and waterproof printing tips in our dedicated guide.

Easter Eggs Containers

Easter egg container toys are not only entertaining for children but also offer a delightful alternative to chocolate. Many of these toys are designed with a hidden compartment, allowing them to clip or screw together to conceal a surprise inside. This feature is particularly popular, as it adds an element of mystery and fun, enabling the toys to be used later as secret hiding spots. It’s a classic and traditional twist that adds an extra layer of enjoyment to these playful creations.

Easter Egg Container with Bunny Ears
Easter Egg Container with Bunny Ears
Egg Bunny Gift Pot Keychain by 3DPrintBunny on Thangs
©3DWithUs – Print and Photo: Richard Hirst

– Keychains. Such miniature objects can be easily adapted to serve a practical purpose as a keychain.

Textured Snap Egg
Textured Snap Egg
Model by DaveMakesStuff on Thangs
©3DWithUs – Print and Photo: Richard Hirst

Popular designer and YouTuber Stian Ervik Wahlvåg @agepbiz, at the beginning of his 3D printing journey, created a lot of Egg Surprise models. His collection consists of more than twelve models now. Each of the eggs contains a miniature vehicle, ranging from planes to harvesters and others.

Surprise Egg with Jet Fighter
Surprise Egg with Jet Fighter
Models by agepbiz on Printables
©3DWithUs – Print and Photo: Richard Hirst

Easter Themed Multi-Colour 3D Prints

As the world of 3D FDM printers continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it’s truly amazing to see the incredible advancements that have been made in recent years. Some of these cutting-edge printers now boast the capability to produce prints in up to 16 different colours, thanks to external filament sources. The popularity of these printers has surged in the market, and it’s no wonder why – the results speak for themselves, with finished prints that are nothing short of amazing.

Alongside multi-colour 3D printers, there’s a rising trend of designers creating files specifically for these machines. They’re making it easier for users to load files and choose colours, opening up new possibilities for creativity and customization in 3D printing.

Bunny, Chicks and Carrots
Bunny, Chicks and Carrots – Easter Themed Multi-Colour 3D Prints
3D Models by KOZA Designs on Cults
©3DWithUs – Print and Photo: Richard Hirst

The prints shown were made with the BambuLab P1S Combo, and you can find a review of this advanced printer on our website. If you have a standard FDM printer, don’t worry—there are products available that can upgrade your printer to handle multi-colour printing. While I haven’t tested these solutions myself, they seem promising, offering user-friendly operation and high-quality printing, opening up new possibilities for multi-colour printing with standard FDM printers.

We will expand our guide with unique ideas in the future. Maybe next year 😉

Easter 3D Print Guide Conclusion

In conclusion, I hope this easter 3D print idea guide inspired you with various 3D printing ideas and techniques for Easter. We’ve explored how innovations like multi-colour filaments and colour-changing systems enhance the printing process, making it easier and more fun. Whether you’re a beginner or an enthusiast, there’s something in the world of 3D printing for everyone this Easter.

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3D Printed Miniature Crockery
Both Halloween and Valentine’s Day Themes
Miniature Crockery by DaveMakesStuff on Thangs
©3DWithUs – Print & Photo: Max Funkner

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