Lotmaxx CH-10 Photocuring Resin 3D Printer

Lotmaxx CH-10: Metal Construction MSLA 3D Printer

The Lotmaxx CH-10 (also known as the Iron Box) is an MSLA resin 3D printer that I purchased for the surprisingly low price of $99. The CH-10 uses a masking LCD and a UV LED to create highly detailed parts using a UV-curable resin. Given the low cost of the machine, my expectations were not particularly high, so I was pleasantly surprised with how well it worked. The 47 micron XY accuracy, metal construction, and rigid gantry all combine to create a machine that is well worth the price if you can find one for sale.

Lotmaxx CH-10 Specifications:

Layer Height: .025mm to .1mm
Print Speed: 20 mm/h
Build Volume: 120 x 68 x 155 mm
Material: 405nm wavelength UV resin
Masking LCD Resolution: 2560 x 1140
Masking LCD Size: 5.5”
Connectivity: USB Thumb Drive
Interface: 3.5” Color Touchscreen LCD

The metal hinges on the CH-10
The metal hinges on the CH-10
(Photo: Andrew Sink)

Review: Hinged Lid and Metal Construction

The first thing I noticed on Lotmaxx CH-10 was the overall weight of the machine. The printer is robust and solid, with a chassis formed from bent sheet metal and solid machined components found throughout the machine. Instead of a molded UV-resistant lid like the one found on the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro, the CH-10 features a lid that is lifted from the front to access the parts. The hinges on the machine are surprisingly robust and easily actuate without wobbling when the lid is fully open. This gave me the impression of a solid printer that was very intentionally designed for long-term use.

CH-10 Z-Axis Rods
CH-10 Z-Axis Rods
(Photo: Andrew Sink)

The Z axis for the CH-10 uses a threaded rod for linear motion, and also has two smooth rods to prevent any wobbling during movement. The gantry moves quickly and quietly and easily holds the build platform in place without any movement or play. The build platform has a slope on both sides to allow any excess resin that collects on top to drip back into the vat. The metal vat has a spout built into it, so changing resin is easy and can be done without making a mess.

Chitubox Settings for Lotmaxx Printer
Chitubox Settings for Lotmaxx Printer
(Screenshot: Chitubox)

Chitubox Settings for Lotmaxx CH-10

The Lotmaxx CH-10 accepts files that have been sliced with Chitubox, a file preparation app that is included on the thumb drive that comes with the printer. The profile for the Lotmaxx CH-10 needs to be compiled by the user, and all of the settings for the machine and print profile are included in the user manual.

After setting up the software, I ran a test print from Loot Studios, a subscription service that offers 3D models with support already generated for resin 3D printing. Using the default settings provided by Lotmaxx, the model printed in eight hours and 20 minutes using Elegoo Water Washable Ceramic Grey resin.

A 3D Printed Miniature Model on the Lotmaxx CH-10
A 3D Printed Miniature Model on the Lotmaxx CH-10
(Photo: Andrew Sink)

Elegoo Water Washable Ceramic Grey Resin on Amazon (affiliate link)

Miniature Model by Loot Studios
Miniature Model by Loot Studios
(Photo: Andrew Sink)

3D Printing Miniatures

After the model finished printing, I was able to easily remove the support material and cure the model in the Elegoo Mercury Plus. The level of detail on the model is impressive, and the 47 micron XY accuracy translates to a high level of detail captured on the model, including the scratches that have been modeled into the shield.


The Lotmaxx CH-10 is a printer that clearly has a lot to offer and it is even more appealing when considering the rock-bottom price. Unfortunately, the CH-10 is currently unavailable on Amazon and I wasn’t able to find it for sale at any other retailer. For $99, the CH-10 is an absolute bargain and if you find one for sale I would recommend snapping it up before it disappears.

LOTMAXX CH-10 3D Printer on Amazon (affiliate link)
We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.

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