Dog, Bunny and Dragon Plant Pots

Toy Planter Collection: 3D Print Idea

The enchanting world of 3D printing offers endless possibilities for creativity and functionality, blending art with practicality in delightful ways. Among the myriad creations that 3D printing enthusiasts have brought to life, the Toy Planter Collection stands out as a vibrant example of how this technology can infuse daily life with whimsy and charm while fostering our connection to nature. This collection, featuring delightful designs like ‘Dog the Gardener’ and the ‘Easter Bunny,’ among other creatures, showcases how 3D printed plant pots can be more than just containers; they are a statement of personal style and a testament to the ingenuity of 3D printing.

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Embracing Whimsy and Functionality

The Toy Planter Collection epitomizes the playful essence of 3D printing, turning ordinary plant pots into extraordinary conversation pieces. “Dog the Gardener,” for instance, is not just a pot; it’s a narrative piece, telling a story of a dog’s playful interaction with nature. Similarly, the “Easter Bunny” planter adds a seasonal flair to your indoor garden, merging the joy of Easter with the timeless pleasure of gardening. Impressively, these designs are accessible to a wide range of users, as they should be 3D printable even on budget FDM 3D printers as well as resin 3D printers, ensuring that anyone can bring these charming creations to life.
– Innovative Design Meets Gardening. These planters are not just visually appealing; they are designed with the well-being of plants in mind. 3D printing allows for the creation of intricate designs that are often not possible with traditional manufacturing methods. This means that each planter can be optimized for drainage, aeration, and even self-watering capabilities, ensuring that your plants thrive.
– Editable & Material-flexible. One of the most compelling aspects of 3D printed plant pots is their customizability. Whether you want a planter that fits perfectly in a small space, matches your decor, or needs to be scaled to specific dimensions, 3D printing makes it all possible. For example, the duo featured below is 3D printed in wood PLA filament, allowing not just for size adjustments but also offering the lightness and even the scent of wood post-printing. Read more about wood filament here.

Bunny and Dog Toy Pot Planter
Bunny and Dog Toy Pot Planter – Printed in Rosewood and Champaign Fillamentum Timberfill
©3DWithUs – Prints & Photo: Max Funkner

Toy Planter Collection

At the moment, in our ever-expanding collection, there are three main models and a bunch of quick pots and trays. Here, we will feature all the main models one by one in order to describe them in detail, with added links.

Easter Bunny

It all started with this model a few years ago, and we dedicated an article to how the model was designed in ZBrush. Since then, the model has been a hit every Easter. I think it’s partially because it is free, partially because it can be printed without supports, and also because Easter is one of the most popular seasons in the 3D printing community.

Easter Bunny Themed Pot
Easter Bunny Themed Candy Holder
©3DWithUs – Print and Photo: Max Funkner

A few years back, I experimented with 3D scanned tree trunk vases, and a slightly scaled Easter Bunny managed to stay together with other plants until the end of the season.

Slightly Scaled Easter Bunny as a Toy Planter
©3DWithUs – Print and Photo: Max Funkner

Dog The Gardener

Dog the Gardener was created during the lockdown, a local supermarket chain started a “Little Garden” campaign. At the check-out till, they give away little planter kits with a nice variety of seeds, from flowers to edible herbs. The little seed kits come with short instructions and are very easy to use. This initiative brightened up the lockdown for many, kids and adults alike. We used all our test prints for our own neat little garden.

Dog Toy Planter
Dog The Gardener with a pot and tray
©3DWithUs – Print and Photo: Max Funkner

While creating “Dog the Gardener,” we put together two comprehensive guides to address the essential considerations for ensuring that 3D printed objects are watertight. Learn about the PETG material and how to effectively print in it. Additionally, check out our guide on different plant pots to get a general picture of what’s available.

Dragon Toy Planter

We were a little bit late to produce the model for the Chinese Year of the Dragon celebration, but nevertheless went ahead with the project. The Dragon Toy Planter is the premium model in this collection. It is available for purchase for a small fee from the major websites listed below.

Dragon Bunny and Dog - Toy and Pots
Dragon, Bunny and Dog – Toy and Pots
©3DWithUs – Print and Photo: Max Funkner

STL Files

Currently, the whole set of files is available via Patreon and Ko-fi subscription pages. To print the models separately, they are also published on all major file repository websites, namely Cults, Thangs, and Printables.

Creating Your Own Collection

For those inspired to start their own Toy Planter Collection, the journey is as exciting as the outcome. You can find or create designs that resonate with your personal style or theme, and with a 3D printer, bring them to life right in your home. Whether you’re a seasoned 3D printing enthusiast or a newcomer to the craft, the process of creating your plant pot can be immensely rewarding.

Dragon Toy Planter Make By RePrinted
Dragon Toy Planter Make on Twitter
Photo: Pete @reprinted3D


The Toy Planter Collection is a testament to the versatility and creativity of 3D printing in the realm of home decor and gardening. These planters bring a touch of joy and playfulness to the nurturing act of gardening, making it an even more enjoyable pursuit. Whether you’re drawn to the charm of “Dog the Gardener,” the festive spirit of the “Easter Bunny,” or the endless possibilities of your own designs, these 3D printed plant pots are a delightful addition to any home or garden.

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