3D Printing Filament for Desktop 3D Printers

Scroll through brands and 3D printer filament available to find the right materials for 3D printing at home. PLA, ABS, Wood, PETG, Nylon, Support, FLEX, etc. This table is updated regularly. Please feel free to Contact Us if you think that a particular brand or material should be added.

3D Print Works
PLA; ABS; Pellets; other
1.75; 2.85UK
PLA; PETG; TPU; other
1.75; 2.85Germany
Proto Pasta logoProto Pasta
PLA; HTPLA; ABS; other
1.75; 2.85CanadaAvailable on Amazon
Polyalchemy logoPolyalchemy
Elixir PLA1.75China
PLA; ABS; PETG; other1.75Italy
Colorfabb logoColorFabb
PLA; PETG; Wood; FLEX; Metal; other1.75; 2.85
NetherlandsAvailable on Amazon
Hatchbox logoHatchbox
PLA; ABS; PETG; TPU; Wood; other1.75USAAvailable on Amazon
FormFutura logo 60FormFutura
PLA; ABS; PETG; Wood; FLEX; Metal; HIPS; Nylon; other1.75; 2.85NetherlandsAvailable on Amazon
Verbatim logoVerbatim
PLA; ABS; PET; BVOH; PP; PRIMALLOY; other1.75; 2.85JapanAvailable on Amazon
fillamentum logoFillamentum
see review
PLA; ABS; Wood; FLEX; Nylon; Support; other1.75; 2.85Czech RepublicAvailable on Amazon
rigid.ink logorigid.ink
PLA; ABS; PETG; FLEX; Support; Nylon; other1.75; 2.85UKAvailable on Amazon
Polymaker logoPolymaker
PLA; Wood; Support; other1.75; 2.85NetherlandsAvailable on Amazon
K - Camel
PLA; ABS; Wood;1.75ChinaGearBest logo
BQ logoBQ
PLA; Wood; Flex; other1.75; 2.85SpainAvailable on Amazon
NinjaTek logoNinjaTek
FLEX; PLA; ABS; HIPS; other1.75; 2.85USAAvailable on Amazon
MatterHackers logoMatterHackers
PLA; ABS; FLEX; PET other1.75; 3.00USAAvailable on Amazon
Filament & Meer
PLA; FLEX; PETG; ABS; other1.75; 3.00Netherlands
PLA; ABS; PETG; other1.75; 3.00ChinaAvailable on Amazon
3D Solutech
PLA; ABS; PETG; other1.75;USAAvailable on Amazon
PLA; ABS; PETG; other1.75; 3.00ChinaAvailable on Amazon

3D Printer Filament – Materials for Desktop 3D Printing

PLA is still reigning as the most popular and accessible 3D material for desktop 3D printers. It is user-friendly and produces predictable results, which is very valuable in prototyping. ABS is the second popular 3D printer filament which most of the vendors offer. Some brands are confident enough to bring new materials to the market adding diversity to 3D printing. Sometimes it is hard to find your way in the sea of different materials.

3D Printer Filament - Materials for Desktop 3D Printing

Several years ago 3D printing in wood or metal at home was a novelty, and now many vendors have these, previously experimental, filaments in their portfolio.
PETG, a derivative from PET, is among others that became a commonly used material in desktop 3D printing. It has many functional uses, it is durable and recyclable. PETG has a reputation as an easy to work with material.
Flexible materials are also starting to gain weight lately in 3D printing at home. This type of material has its special uses, creating objects where other materials would not work. However, flexible or semi-flexible filament is harder to use on a desktop 3D printer. Additional test prints may be required when first dealing with this type of filament.
3D printer materials are an integral part of 3D printing industry. The growth in a 3D printer market underpins the boost in the materials segment, where more vendors and new materials keep emerging. Hope this table saves time in looking for the right filament and gives a good idea of what’s available.

Desktop 3D Printers

There is a similar catalogue for 3D printers that helps to find the right machine for 3D printing at home. Read more: http://3dwithus.com/desktop-3d-printer
Desktop 3D Printers

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